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Principle. Are you hiring join the over three million businesses that use indeed dot com for hiring you can post a job in minutes and manage your candidates from an easy to use dashboard post your next job on the world's number one job site indeed, dot com. This special edition of Nightline face to face continues. Let's look at the DNA results adopted Bill. Cosby has been waiting his whole life to make one call. This looks like a landline. So let's try that line too. I thanks to investigative Genealogists. Pam Slayton bills about to contact his first family, a half brother. He never knew he had the contacts should always be family member to family. So Pam coaches Bill on how to make a cold call to someone who doesn't even know he exists. I don't know if you know about me, but I've been searching for my birth family. I believe that you and I are related. It helps the searcher to face their biggest fears. The fear of your Jackson, the fear of the. The fear of houses person gonna receive me facing his fears, head on he dials. It goes to voicemail. Hi, Ken, my name is Bill Gillespie. I know this is strange. It's nothing bad. It's all good. So I'd appreciate a callback. Thank you. Could you call me back when you're ready to chat while they wait hams teed up another family member for Bill who seems to have known his birth father, Alvin. She posted a cryptic message on his memorial page to rights. You had a troubled life, but you are not forgotten. Once again, they pick up the phone, but nothing could prepare him for what she says. Next. His birth father had murdered a police officer before Bill was boring for me. A panic set in because when you find out that this person you're searching for is a murderer you're starting to think, could I come from thank you for your time, but I thanks Mari. Bye-bye. I think maybe I can see why I always placed where I was. She might have even been terrified if she had you to bring you to the police to get help. If he shot an officer, you got this, you can handle this. We welcome. But within hours of pans departure, he's calling you. The call he's been waiting for. This is Bill. It's Ken. And now Bill has to explain to a complete stranger. That they're brothers, how you doing all I know this is going to sound a little crazy on. We've been doing a DNA search with the genealogist. I was adopted out of Chicago and I actually come up to being related to you. Everything points to being that your mother would be bill's mother. Ken tells them that his mom had never told him about the other baby. Boy, she'd given birth to all those years ago. I think that your mom wanted to get me away and that's when Bill begins to reveal the dark family secret about his birthday. Okay. He was arrested for shooting a Chicago police officer and his new brother shares the secret of his own. Okay. Their mother had been battered by bills. Biological father can offers up something Bill had only dreamed up. Yeah, a chance to meet. Face to face. I mean, you are an eerie where close. Awesome. Thank you, sir. Thank you. I appreciate it. Sky. This is not. This is crazy. An act of desperation in that alleyway all those years ago takes on a whole new meaning. Fear will maybe fear for me instead the kind of see why would Bill was once a cruel callous act was perhaps quite the opposite. It may be would save to that one decision breaking chain of alleged abuse and criminal activity. Lucky. I mean, I am a lucky person. This is the start of the journey. Today is the day ready. When Bill will meet his flesh and blood brother. For the first time, Bill had no idea all along. He'd been raising his own family. Just a thirty minute drive from Ken, his wife, Laura, and their two children, Abby, and John. On Christmas Eve. You know, I can't wait to meet him. A newfound brother is especially meaningful to Ken who'd lost not only his mother, but also his brother years ago. You must talk to him being able to call and share things with them.

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