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To cities and states to help quell the violence over George Floyd's death CBS is Cammy McCormick report this bureau of prisons is sending riot teams to Miami and Washington DC FBI field offices are setting up command posts immigration and customs enforcement or ice is deploying personnel and special response teams customs and border protection is dispatching agents in aviation assets and seventeen thousand National Guard personnel have been activated the cell phone app that Dallas police used to accept tips and cell phone video well it crashed over the weekend several tech blogging sites reporting people started flooding the app with unrelated videos after police asked people to submit videos of any illegal activity they witness during the protests police say the cause of the outage on Sunday still being determined but the I watch Dallas app has been restored today there's a new tool offering insight in the nation's strain discussion about race is Jim crystal reports this facility is national museum of African American history and culture has launched a new online initiative to help address the nation's racial divide our portal talking about race is set up as a way of providing tools and help for individuals who want to begin to have important conversations about race Spencer crew is the museum's interim director Jim chrysalis CBS news senator John Cornyn is criticizing the violence that has broken out at some of the protests in the past few days he says Americans should be outraged by the death of George Floyd ball color backgrounds and ages are demanding that justice be served in the case of George Floyd the first step in that process came on Friday when the officer who had him in custody was himself arrested and charged with third degree murder but Clinton says too many protests have actually turned into riots with looting and vandalism he says innocent people are being harmed coming up on KRLD we get your traffic and weather together on the aids couple problems on seventy five in Dallas we investigate next news can happen anytime anywhere.

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