Kabul, President Biden discussed on Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA


Contact with hundreds of people on the ground who are trying to get out of kabul and. We've been fortunate enough to be able to coordinate and get a couple of hundred people out but it's not nearly enough There's not enough time to get everybody out. There's not enough freedom of movement in the region to get people to the airport. There are too many people who are getting stopped at checkpoints. Too many people who are getting turned around too many people whose documents are being stripped from their hands so that even when they get to the airport they can't get through a checkpoint so it's impossible to get everybody out. It is not going to happen by august. Thirty first and that is just an -solutely terrifying eventuality and i can't disagree with you that that is going to be the end game. But i wanted to ask you President biden Saying that well there was no way that our withdrawal from this war This twenty year war Was going to be anything less than chaotic but it appears as though and there have been numerous reports that he basically ignored All of the information that he was getting from the likes of military experts and analysts and the c. i. a. Did it have to be this chaotic. Not whether we practiced for this. We trained for spares is You know the the the noncombatant Exfiltration.

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