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Don't apologize for that. Seth writes, how close where you rank Garrett? Cole and Zack Wheeler. Next season. I have no idea, but Garrett Cole has got to be a top twenty starting pitcher in our rankings. I don't feel exact Wheeler will be right. I mean, we got to that point. There's going to be a top starting pitcher. I don't think so. No, but I think that's another one where we're talking about the top forty starters and kinda wanna find a way to get them in there. Can we get them in the top thirty? He's number twenty three for the season. They like we have to get them in there trying to see if as I'm trying to actually recaptured a lot of the velocity fastball. Yeah, fastball performed standing this year. You know what? This is going to be one of those cases where I say in spring training, go ahead draft Garrett, Cole round four gives you the same number around twelve. That's probably what I'm gonna say something like that. I mean, the obvious big difference there is going to be wins. Yeah, like he somehow has eleven this year, but you could easily agree there on the second of the two have been better and he has fewer wins, right? Like you met hater. This team is just so bad and I don't necessarily see getting that much better that you shouldn't draft for windows. You drive for skills because any any guy could get enough to wins two pieces together for you. But it is a concern, especially compared to coal. The important thing is much bigger winter than Jacob degrom because he has three more wins. Of course, he's got that grit. He's got that. You know. SNL Cy Young pitchers to the score. I just want to point out to you. Rick seventeen wins with four thirty e r. That's that's a lot of wind for such a high array, but look at this team wins. Would you have for the Red Sox? Thirty starts zero. I would. I would. You averages fourteen which you average in innings pitched total. That's beyond the opener. That's what I'm wondering what I get there. Could I get to the second third inning. I just get a right. I would be checked it and dejected, Matt. How do you evaluate older players like Edwin Encarnacion Nelson Cruz, determine when they will hit the wall when it comes to power projections, or do we just assume they can do it until we see that they can't? Are there any telling metrics? Yeah, I was thinking about writing about this Nelson Cruz. What does he want Homer away from another forty home run season. That's just a maze ING, his age, and he's still doing this and Edwin has thirty home runs and what seven consecutive years, which is obviously a better rate than anyone else's done. That's that's really, I'm not gonna project those in cruise to me when I look at his numbers and I see how obviously we're seeing some some slippage here for discipline, but thirty six home runs to sixty five hour. I'll take that. That's fine. It's worse report. He doesn't play the field. I mean Elsa crews are still leap. Edwin s thirty one home runs thirty nine batting average. Lower on bass. I don't see why neither of them can do the same thing next year this I keep doing this. McCoy now they're too old. Like what happened to make them too old all of a sudden and he hit the walk. I don't feel like hitters just hit walls anymore. Do you. I think they can. I'm just not saying signs of it, and I do worry with players like this that it could be effectively an overnight thing, but that could come at any point. We don't really have a right to judge exactly when that will happen. And David Ortiz was the example that we previously used on the show he retired before that could possibly happen. I think each of them have shown some small signs of the career aggression where the curve is beginning to go downward in case. The bothersome trait is the career high strikeout rate, and it's supported by swinging strike rate that was up last year and it's up even slightly more this year. In cruises case, he's making better contact here, but leave the. The hard contact numbers is still pretty good. The ground ball rate is ever so slightly higher, not hitting quite as many fly balls and swinging strike would be saying about constant..

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