LDP, India, Investment Analyst discussed on Monocle 24: The Globalist - Friday 13 October


Oh may you know the polls really revealed that most people undecided there's not i think you know if you look to the polls last week euroco quick has party was polling quite well actually but already this week and of this week it's it's dropped caused loss so at the moment i think most you know the people who say they're going to vote i mean in a veteran tension is is sometimes you know people will say one thing and vote another way and in the last few elections in japan voter turnout has been pretty low and the actual percentage of people voting for the ldp has really only been about 25 percent so that's what i'm saying it's not so much a sort of love for the ldp it's it's it's sort of represents the the slightly difficult picture for the opposition at the moment so i think you'd be looking at an ldp victory but really with a very kind of a disparate opposition and those results will be confirmed on october the 22nd fina in took here thanks very much indeed india's as a one nine hundred investment analyst from one hundred different audience in over nine hundred of the sharpest moines's freshers thinkers in the world of finance to learn and no one has mall no one knows small new and find out how contact us just a tunnel to conclude a series on new political parties moore off to the balkans his our correspondent in the region guy to luna.

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