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Welcome to the president's inbox a see if our podcast about the foreign policy challenges facing the united states. I'm jim lindsey director studies at the council on foreign relations. This week's topic is protests in cuba with me discussed the historic protests. That swept across cuba on july eleven or paul angelo and carmen sec- policy fellow for latin. America studies here at the council. He is a graduate of the us naval academy he served in the. Us navy in is now a commander select in the us naval reserve. Carmen is journalists based in miami. She hasn't reporting for. Nbc news dot com nbc latino for almost a decade. She covers cuba and latin american. More broadly as well as you as politics in latino vote pauling carmen. Thanks for joining me. Today it's great to be here. Thanks for having this jim. Pleasure to be here with carm- carmen want to begin with you. If i may. I not just a moment ago that earlier this month we had historic protests. All across cuba. Could you give us a sense of where things stand now. Several weeks later right now. People are not protesting any longer. There is still a police presence on the streets not as strong as it was immediately action of protests there almost six hundred people. That are still detained. Some reportedly being held incommunicado as Some allegations of minors having been detained so people who are fifteen sixteen seventeen years old jamaica anything in the fec carman that people are not going back out on the streets. I think right now blur afraid to go back out on the streets. I think people are focused on the detentions who has been detained. Who has received a summary trial and sentenced to maybe a year in prison. I think that's the focus i think. The protests were so unexpected. That people are still kind of regrouping analyzing what happens taking a step back and seeing how they can move forward but there's definitely fear ought to go out in the streets against protests. Paul me bring you in here right now. Maybe you could help us understand the scope of the riots but just as important why you think they happened now sunday. July eleventh was an unprecedented historic bank cuba in something that historians will be talking about for decades in much. The same way that we talk about the mariel boatlift Nineteen ninety four and it was unprecedented display of displeasure on an island. Where such have historically been taboo and met with repression were discontent is often expressed whispers. I'd say that the recent protest movement is unique particularly given its pervasive. That wasn't a protest. That was isolated. Just once you're province but people took to the streets all over the country when the protest. I started the humanitarian. Climate was very much front of mind. This particular moment initiated in matanzas scenario country facing major forged medical supplies in also area of the country were cohen infection. Rate is about three times. The national average videos started circulating on social media depicting the overcrowding of hospitals overwhelmed medical staff the hashtag sos contest starting trending on social media and was the initial impetus for people to come out to the streets and start making demands of their corn..

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