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This is what i think some of the was saying and yet this is also a message. I got as an individual coming from my background. I i'm doing a very bad job explaining this. But i think being objective and doing research and yet also balancing that with being very honest about who you are and what your background is is essential and. I wish that we could see more of that in reviews. Well it's basically like you're just offering contact with who you are. That is interacting with this. Because if a queer black woman were to walk into that exhibition day are going to relate to it in different ways than a heterosexual man sure. Yeah absolutely and again like this is when it circles back to this idea of critical thinking rather than criticism in terms of like thumbs up or something down because that colored my perspective and my way that i was critically engaging with exhibition and it was. I could talk for a long time about this exhibition. It was it's it's really important. And it was very important. Exhibitions for me to write about. But but yet. If i if i wrote the exhibition and i didn't admit like who i am and where i'm coming from and why i'm affected in this way versus that way especially for this exhibition it would just be completely dishonest. So so yeah. I don't know does that make new. You're squinting doesn't make sense thinking. I'm not dishonest. Is the right word for that. It still would be honest it just it would just like the context of like. Oh the prisoners writing. This is coming to it from this background. This history this whatever so because a lot of the writers lay ami i've read i've read a lot of different art criticism over the years and i'm always like who the fuck is this person writing this thing like you know like i've read far too many super intellectual criticisms where they're like again quoting like. Oh this is reminiscent of this obscure person from the netherlands in the thirteen..

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