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Why do I know that for the sake of, like, you know all that stuff about Star Trek? It's like interesting differences between these races that kind of comes up as maybe away thing that you file away. All that's interesting. It's we're the same way like you would read the enterprise technical manual and no shit about how is built. Yeah. Although a lot of this stuff in Star Trek was just kinda like ridiculous. Techno babble that didn't really go anywhere. That thing about the tureens like ties into actual planetary ways, in some cases, the mess stuff actually felt more, whoa. Considered. Star Trek stuff. Nathan from some water. Washington, have you ever tried to take care of a house plant were you successful? Yes, yes, I'm currently occasionally Brennan number remembering, to water a fight this fall man fucking tell me your secrets because we have a fight. That's on the way out occasionally bombing out water on it and go fuck I probably do this more often this what we do. It's like three years old. And it just finally give up the ghost and his name is Fred. All of our plans have names, same for the focus. I gotta make sense permit Theus. I'm back to health. Yeah. I feel like like figuring out lighting watering patterns, when you don't know any of that is the biggest struggle. But when you get it, it just becomes a process, you can automate found old broken share and brought it home with the intent of trying to fix it up or something. But instead punched a bigger hole on it. And now use it to hold on my plants love it. Right. Like bamboo, because it's impossible to kill. Sure. Bambi. Thrived in. Succulent. On those bad boys on what succulent slowly Milto. Okay. Interesting. We had a money, tree named bling bling, bling withered and died. So that's not that's not checks out. That's That's all. all. Let's see. This news. But like Email. James cheers from the land down under he says just a heads up ago. Yes. That's just a heads up. In case you missed the news that there's going to be a mortal Kombat reboot filmed down under. Yes. That's right. Our local AUSSIE film industry has been entrusted to reboot the film and Adelaide should prove interesting times, as it's the largest productions take place in South Australia, and the film industry here is growing James won- from aqua, man production fame is producing it with another local Simon McCoy stepping in stepping up to his first feature isn't James one. That's all. I don't know insidious city us. Maybe that's where I've some horror thing. Filming starting later this year. And cast is yet to be confirmed. What you hope to see in this reboot should attract with the new time line. I should go in another direction, what current Hollywood actors should get what parts in the cast what past actors would be best suited. Y'all must see to punch dues Heddle. I'll be able to ribcages flat. Super campy talking want it to be along the lines of the original mortal Kombat movie that kind of idea of the games is a big tournament for the feet of the world and you four best fighters. So we're going to follow you through this, and you're gonna meet weirdos, like scorpion and kaneohe. Well, yeah. Do the thing of, like, hey, the fighters from earth. See these things, what the fuck or are they already hip to weird powers? Yeah, I don't know. We'll see in the movies. They didn't have any of their powers. Right. So they were just good fighters. I was like you got one. Johnny John hit somebody, and there's like a flash. Johnny cage kind of has. Yeah. Okay. Very brief right? Able to find a good. Oh, yeah. Volcano actors yeah, nobody is medial. I heard part of that..

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