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Overall relief. His plan also includes funding to ramp up vaccine distribution and extension of extra weekly unemployment benefits and another round of federal aid for state and local governments. FBI Director Christopher Wray says he remains concerned about potential violence on Inauguration Day in Washington, D C and in state capitals nationwide. Abigail Sanski with member station Wkrg says Michigan's capital is under heightened security. There's a 6 ft fence that's going up around our Capitol building today. There's already been an increased police presence and that will stick around. For the next couple of weeks. We've heard from officials that there's been constant coordination with the National Guard, local and state police. And also that federal officials as well as local officials are monitoring chatter, But they've not said anything about credible threats of violence. This is NPR news. The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security did not issue threat assessments ahead of last week's deadly violence at the U. S Capital. NPR's Dina Temple Raston says some are asking why There have been hints that something was going to happen. On January, 6th for weeks, Social media Post threatened violence. Even the president himself promised that a rally ahead of the certification of the electoral vote count would be wild. Even so, NPR's learned the DHS and the FBI didn't issue a specific threat assessment to help U. S Capitol in D. C. Police plan their response. Some people like former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff said that federal law enforcement almost didn't have to. He didn't take rocket science to see you there was a realistic foreseeable risk. There's a chapel and you would enhance the security, Chertoff said. There needs to be a bipartisan commission to figure out what went so wrong. Dina Temple Raston. NPR news. Former head of the Food and Drug Administration is President elect Biden's choice to be his chief science advisor in the White House. The Biden transition team announced David Kessler selection this morning. Kessler has been a top coronavirus advisor to Biden for months. A strong earthquake and Indonesia today has killed at least 34 people on toppled many homes and buildings. There are reports of people trapped in rubble. I'm Dave Mattingly in Washington. Corona virus pandemic has triggered a huge wave of business closures across the country. But at the same time Americans have starting businesses at the fastest rate in more than 10 years. You'll get the details coming up right here on morning edition on case here. Tell me. Good morning. I'm Cherry Glaser. Good too heavy here on this Friday. If you're making plans for the weekend should be gorgeous. One out.

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