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Bloodstream were associated with healthy cardiovascular function, and other healthy ageing biomarkers now you call it successful aging. I love that explain if you will about that a little bit more find, we need to combine a lot with the fish oil. So we have the incredible. Shrinking brain, probably, they're not your brain's gonna shrink right. Right in your skull, it's going to shrink in time. Now they found if you get enough vitamin d twelve and you get enough of the coenzyme, q ten and here we go, if you get that Fisher, particularly the one the krill oil with the Antioch. In the brain is going to maintain it size. I mean, I've got the study right here. It says decreased coenzyme q ten levels in multi system, atrophy, meaning shrinkage of the cerebellar that's our brain. Okay. So how do we maintain that utilize? How do we keep our brain functioning? How do we do this all together? How do we get that wonderful omega three brain fats go in the eye brain nervous system? We need it every day. It isn't in our diet. And so here we go. How do we get it every day as our body needs it every day because we're not gonna eat fish every day. And here we are we have it in a wonderful multivitamin. All the lineup of these wonderful new transplant. Yeah. Ten years ago, nineteen Ninety-two loot team supplements. They get it out of miracles flower petals. It goes in skin. Now, they it was great for the is, now we find, it's great for the skin. One more now we find it's great for the brain, believe it or not, looting, wait a minute. That's something that protected the body from this ton. The skin and the I the point is all these inside this wonderful super pill at a great great price today. You can afford it today, I still can't believe you guys are able to get all this in one formula that is just mind. Blowing to me just three little soft gels day in the multilateral super pill. It's designed to help people feel younger does. It's cutting edge nutrition made simple here, and it goes far beyond just being a high performance multi. It's an elite healthy aging formula. It has one hundred milligrams of coq ten that we talked about, as the clinical dose of Lou teens the eyes and the skin krill for the joints, just talked about that fish oil and gingko for the heart and the brain. And it's like six eight formulas in one Bill. How did you purity? Do it for less than a dollar a day. I know people are going to get this, and they got you know, look at the label and go, oh, it wasn't what they said on the radio. No. It is what they say..

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