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More of it in I've tried to apply as much of a wait and see approach as I can, in? Immediate reaction business right because a story like this happens and, I'm on the air giving an, opinion about it immediately. But some things don't Work well with an immediate reaction in an opinion because you. Do have, to gather the facts so that's not always a cop out in complex cases or sensitive cases where you're dealing with people's. Livelihoods you're dealing with people safety I do think it is worth getting, all the information so we'll see what. The report is from Ohio State and whether that changes my mind one way or the other because my. Mind? Is open to being changed one way or the other I'll, just say this about urban Meyer, my opinion of him Has gone down since all this took. Place it's not like I was ever, Aurora the guy or I mean. The Ohio State guy sorry, somebody's just got really angry putting you in this the Ohio State guy I was never that guy but obviously you had to. Give respect where it was due for what urban Meyer Had, accomplished and now I saw him go out there and just blatantly lie for whatever reason. Whether it was to protect is, friend, whether, it was trying to protect his own skin, I don't know. The exact, impetus for that but. I, think that's the reason his job status is in, question in the first. Place let's go to David, in Abilene Texas David you're up next here on CBS sports radio what's going on Robin thanks. For, taking my call here just, had a quick comment I'm not sure what's going to happen on Wednesday but. I guess I'm trying to say I did blame. Urban Meyer for this you know did he beat Courtney Smith of course not but you know he knew all these allegations, are proved to be true he should have fired. You know sex with way back in the, day but the point is telling your producer yeah he's the head football coach but I'm. Sure he's the highest paid state, employees, in, the state of Ohio we as taxpayers are. Paying the salary Collateral damage she's got some this responsibility Roberts wanna get your comments on the, I agree, I, mean I agree with what you. Were you again it's like. I said before you know these guys want want, to be in charge of everything they want to get credit for everything until. There's anything, negative and then they have? Nothing to do. With it and, that's always that's a tough paradox to wrestle with those. Two things can't really, simultaneously be, true in your also correct it's not, his actions but clearly this guy was. Around, him for a long time, so I'll see what the the information in the report isn't see if that's. Sways me in any way but look Certainly fair I think to have a. Not glowing opinion of urban Meyer at this moment and I don't think a. Call of, his dismissal is is out a line how. About Tony in Washington Vancouver, Washington you're, up next here on CBS sports radio what's going on. Tony I think they need to crack down on me I, think they need to suspending for the whole year..

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