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John fanatic raves, the most comfortable box of Reese ever. There's no downside. Buy one pair and you'll never want to wear any other underwear again. Plus, your butts always covered by Tommy John's best pair you'll ever wear or it's free guarantee. Get 20% off your first order at Tommy John dot com slash audio. Save 20% right now at Tommy John dot com slash audio. Tommy John dot com slash audio. See site for details. Before you epoxy your basement floor garage or shop floor or even your deck or patio. See the great line of performance coding products from performance industries. High on Craig Jones, president and CEO and the mastermind behind the science of our epoxy coating products. I've created high performance coatings which are ten times more durable, 5 times thicker than most water based epoxies and will hold up for 20 years, and even used by NASA Space Center. By do it yourself kits are wheel apply it. Go online at epoxy hyping coat dot com. That's epoxy hyphen coat dot com. I'm Ann Thomas. Congratulations to the 2023 women who lead class. Doctor Leslie farquhar zanetti leads a team that's preparing for the launch of gene therapy that combats Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The intent of this drug is to insert a correct instruction manual into your cell so that your body can make a protein that is missing. To learn more about doctor Leslie farquhar zanetti, go to wjr dot com. Special thanks to General Motors for supporting women who lead. I'm Zoe. I own muck and brass, which is an upcycling homewares business and this is why I switched to Shopify. One of my biggest challenges was the lack of support when I really needed it and it would always slow down the momentum of my business with Shopify I could get hold of a real person quickly and not only would they solve a problem I had. They'd also give me the tools to feel empowered moving forward. I felt like I didn't even know who my customers were. Thanks to Shopify analytic tools, I feel more confident with the products I'm creating and the sales are actually reflecting that with Shopify's theme editor, I can easily share elements of who I am in my shop and have full control of how my brand is represented. I spent nearly 7 years on other platforms and I'm kicking myself and not making the switch earlier. Not only do I know my customers

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