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Of it Jim Bohannon show because of the economic policies that we have put into place over the last three years we have the greatest economy anywhere in the world by far are banks and financial institutions are fully capitalized and incredibly strong our unemployment is at a historical low this vast economic prosperity gives us flexibility reserves and resources to handle any threat that comes our way president drop of his remarks earlier this evening and before we're done tonight will hear those remarks again in full by the way Kim calls in from shields Michigan the the good evening Kim yeah thank you sure yeah I wanna say no more I hear president trump more proud I yeah I I am of him he just he needs to you know what to do like she don't we need to do that and he he stepped right up to the plate and the more you know the more he makes me proud and I found out why this call is bragging Italy today I read a story on my phone and it said that Italy has a lot of Chinese workers that transient back and forth I think they said something about the garment industry are thought but I wondered why would easily have thrown more it would be so fast there but they have a lot of Chinese people that travel back and forth and that's why apparently why it's so bad and a lot of countries are doing that you know restricting travel and I'll tell you that after the fact they did did did do it as fast as we did yeah yeah the Chinese either most of us are not aware of of a large Chinese presence in Italy I know the Italy certainly has an awful lot of the of of the Islamic migrants from North Africa and I know that Africa itself the cognitive Africa has probably a hundred thousand Chinese living there I've often wondered if if they have had the impact on the the coronavirus on that card that I I haven't heard anything about the spread of the disease in Africa but as for Chinese of Italy and that's a new one on me Kim yes and I thought the thing that you can only depend on and dated for a couple years now with migrants like you sent for me and all those places Italy I thought that's where family third up there but yeah this was news to me they thought that they workers working there and then return home I don't know if it's certain times of the year I know they just had new Chinese New Year holiday but you know stop burning just bad and what are the dangers what did they just say he hello how stupid idiots he said if you are in the same boat if he were president and there was this call red X. he wouldn't shut down travel he wouldn't shut down the border any call president trump he told this is even bigger than the last one protected president trump is affecting our country well as far as I'm concerned I agree with you Kim either he's also protect your country but I mean after a while you just you lose count of the number of reasons why Bernie Sanders was immediate Robert of Suffield Ohio next good evening Robert yeah I I think I do think this is overblown for political reasons in my mind and I think he was manufactured in China and I also will say to you that I hope that this resulted in one thing it nothing else we need to go over with that we are making matters manage to keep people alive and very hours back in America well we have here at you know the conditions are probably a thousand times better than China well my concern about things manufactured in China is that we can never depend on China as a reliable source of anything there are people in this country who are such a total prostitutes that they would probably far about the manufacturing of R. M. one tanks or R. F. thirty five fighters to China because it would be cheaper so I concur with you completely this notion of the going always with economic advantage that doesn't mean a lot when you're dealing with countries that are a malignancy all the world body politics so I'm but with you all the way one eight six six five oh Jimbo Barty in Hilton head South Carolina hello Marty I do my friend fine thank you I just think you know the president did a great job people are freaking out even now with it not be in such a major threat I I'm confused as to why people are stepping over toilet paper and paper towels and a grocery stores it blows my mind what we do in blizzards that's what we do during blizzards you know we run to the store we had to the store of bread milk and toilet paper I mean what are you supposed to do with that I mean you know I mean a blizzard of Hilton head South Carolina the snow you know half an inch three quarters of an inch the drifts go and and it's all gone by the next day it so then you have to walk around your call to sack camping outside which is good you got five loaves of bread I mean I've never understood that at dell but I do think that and the president bid doing a great job and not have people panic even though they are anyway because if he panics you can only imagine what's going to happen well yeah he he he I think he has acted very responsibly and not precipitously and certainly the braindead remarks Bernie Sanders about how this is is that a phobia I mean get real yeah I'd Bernice by the course everybody the world is equal and Americans are not one with better than anybody else which is another reason why Bernie Sanders both never ever ever ever be president of the United States back with more in just a moment okay so are you the type of guy the ones look put together but.

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