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I'm thinking I'd love to derive inventory on sportstalk. Robbie was the first borne US player to score fifty goals in a major league season had fifty nine for this thing or is in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight seventy seven seventy eight I'm telling you if you. Subscribe to the athletic. It's a must read if you don't I'd almost say subscribe just to read the story. Andy Mack relates a promotion India life in the W A J was it was a little, you know, the masking tape and wire, let's hold this thing together promotions were big, and it was it was a blast for those. Who who saw the games with Andy relates one night? There was a promotion the singers had with live turkeys not W P that episode hadn't happened yet. But live turkeys were put on the ice and fans were given a chance to snag a Turkey for thanksgiving. In Andy max is in the peace. People were falling into the boards. A couple of people broke their arms and there were dead turkeys on the ice. The only thing missing at that point would have been less nest man, the story is mentioned in this piece. There was a guy named Frank beaten. And they call him Frank never been beaten beaten. He was a nobody wanted to fight him. Well, he was arrested one night between periods of a game in Cincinnati against Birmingham for beating up a gas station attendant who had spilled gas on his corvette before the days of self serve gas. Very Melrose said it was like slapshot back in the day. There was a game where the the cyclones were cyclones where the singers were getting manhandled mall beat up fights. And it was thanksgiving night massacre in Birmingham, legendary story behind that in the note from Paul Stewart that really sunk in with me says in some sense, we just ran out of time. One more year, we would have had the panache two birds through the door and Barry Melrose said we win the Stanley Cup. That's how the story should have ended the Cincinnati stingers win the Stanley Cup. Is this amazing? How nobody if somebody has written a book, let me know. But if I don't think anybody has would read it by now, so many needs to write the book Andy Mack to write the book of the life and times of the Cincinnati stingers in what the city of Cincinnati had an almost had the story of your Cincinnati stingers, and they take the NHL takes Edmonton Quebec. And Winnipeg in New England. And leave Cincinnati on the outside. It was never the same. They played one more season in another like the gel in the middle of the season. They shut down operations and they were done, but that roster is incredible messy, a gardener and all those guys Indiana. Indianapolis, we go to talk stinger. All right. I can do that. Randy. You are on seven hundred wwl w thanks for taking my call. Sure. When I was a kid. Knoxville Tennessee on the radio every night. Oh, man. Those names Weinstein. Rachel. Off. Man, what a roster what a team that was fantastic and NHL goals. I mean, and then a bunch of Christian at one time we played on the miracle on ice skates. Oh, man. I was disappointed when they get absorbed. I mean, what a what a what if back in the day in nineteen seventy nine Cincinnati. Anna would have had a third pro team at that point the stingers as an NHL team in this city would have been unbelievable. And I met berry mall is that a game and got him to autograph. Did you really? That's awesome. Very cool. Randy you're the man thanks for sharing. The story. Have a good night. Again, the athletic today, Ron Kurt or rotated buzz worthy legend of long defunct stingers lives on Indian hill. We go Merc you're on seven hundred wwl WLIW land. Eight. Study on down to the stinger stand for twenty five cents. We were in the north zone. The calcium. Deadly worker of the status. Hurdle class. Title Howard, total everything and didn't didn't Rick Dudley. Wear. A headband was at a headband. Yes. We would sit down there after about ten twenty five beers. And hang on the plexiglas. Welford Dale med smo- deals. When you were. Oh my God. One night we Coon out we got into a fight Iran over this guy's mouth bring a bucket, and they put the guys in the. The. We're hearing smo- high highschool back to the locker room, and is us to the rest of no way. Entertainment. That's awesome. That's a cool story. Oh, that's most met. So I don't know if he's alive or not. No talent. But he could fight. That's excellent. Mark. You're the man thanks for calling. You know what I should do? I should see if Andy Mack wants to come in one night spent a couple of segments with the stories and memories of the stingers back in the day. I think that would be kinda cool, by the way. What about five minutes left in the game, man? Oh, man. Who are these guys the savior musketeers on their way to a third straight win? They are up by a dozen. Well, okay. Let's not call it yet. No. I have a feeling in my bones. I'm calling it Xavier is gonna win their third straight. And they're going to win on the road. Again, this time over Seton Hall, take a timeout head down the stretch squeeze in what we can squeeze in you at five one three seven four nine seven thousand one eight hundred the big one pound seven hundred on AT and T. It's sportstalk seven hundred wwl w..

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