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The i'm unenthusiastic runner not super speedy a pound a bit like the terminator but always feel great afterwards. So i'm intrigued to know my guest to do describe his running style. I am joined by singer presenter. Author he does it all. It's alex jones. Hello hi i'm applaud. You know what it's funny at goes through stages with running. Sometimes i feel like i'm as light as a feather and i can go forever. August is quite nice. Line isn't it feather go forever. Yeah down copyright allergens and other times. I struggle to run hardly any distance at all and this was evident after lockdown number one start. I made a conscious effort. Because i looked down. I had literally sauvignon blanc. Baby and i decided that. I've got to get rid of it so i hit the gym. Hard lots of cycling. Lots of running and the first time are back on the treadmill. It was just horrendous. It was the worst at ever been. Maybe that's because i'm getting older and stuff as well but it was a real struggle. You know what i mean. Every every second was a real struggle and it never been like that before but thankfully you know after a couple of weeks. It got a bit easier and also. I think that the cycling helped matters exile. I loved to cycle especially out in about Your sacramento work into global quebec. And i really enjoy that kind of freedom. Feel like who beaten along the thames. Well i mean it's good to mix of the two though. It really is brilliant. Because they do say that you get you get more of your work co if you can kind of a lot as well so it's great that you're doing louis do you go when you're in the gym doodoo weights as well. I've started doing a little bit of weight. Just because some of the guys that work there were taking a look at me and going. All you're doing is running and biking so start doing some other stuff as well. But it's between me. I always get a little bit intimidated. When i go into the weight room. That puny choirboy. i just i know. Have there's image of you of their pumping iron next to you. Know the the guy in the are you. Invest and light likewise. Well what you no is the answer to that. No why i find it quite intimidating sweaty palms now just thinking about it Because i literally am the guy you get sand kicked in his face going to the white room to be honest with you. What i've done this time round and other makes are available. But i was. I've been hitting that pellets on bike and i'm absolutely loving it..

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