Lewis, Dodgers, Chad Beddis discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Two outs in the. Ninth Look outside Stuck together avoided the noise Trust one another Whether it be on the plate or on the mound high and Etta just one of, the heroes yesterday how about Chad beddis six scoreless innings while you can check out the call and all the details right there on the KOA NewsRadio Facebook page Rockies hanging right in there in the NFL. Westwater a race forty four games left for the Rockies forty-three left for the dodgers and D-Backs Rockies our game and a half behind. Front running Arizona dodgers just one game out three teams separated by a game and a half with twenty seven percent of the. Season to go Brooks kept cook captured his second major championship, of the year winning the PGA Belle Reeve country, club, outside saying Lewis finished with a final round four. Under sixty six and he was two shots better than Tiger Woods who closed with an amazing. Six under sixty four KEPCO has now won three majors in the. Last fourteen months Broncos are getting back to work today at. UC training center our Broncos training camp update brought to us by PVC energy producing Oil and natural gas, responsibly, and supporting local communities Chad Kelly good job and Saturday night's preseason opener when. Fourteen out of twenty one hundred and seventy seven yards couple of touchdown saying to pick you gotta know, exactly where you're Reeser I remember a couple of plays in specifics that you know I probably shouldn't work that that side knowing that it's zone so you know there's a lot you have to learn playing. Playing quarterback and if you get the ball quick a lot of good things will happen in you put the ball in play makers. Hands that's what their job is second preseason game is this Saturday night against the bears Chicago will come in for a couple..

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