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Not only baseball movies but like some of the greatest movies ever made but but for love of the game was considered like so like down there on the list but you want it works. It works so good like you get the hills. You get those tears in your is every time he bitches that no hitter spoiler alert sorry guys but like it's it's amazing and that's the thing is it like you make a sports movie and it kind kind of works but screwball is not being weird way. It's almost an anti sports movie yeah that that is probably a good way to describe it but by the away from the love of the game engine here for too long but they screw it up by having vin scully have a <hes> an analyst in there and steve. Lyons and i'm sure steve had a great agent at the the vince gully was calling games by himself didn't need steve lyons in there anyhow just moving on now. Let's get let's get to screwball are back to screw again. You guys can watch it. It's on netflix. It came out yesterday on net flicks. Tony bosch the guy at the center of biogenesis. He seems like what's that your cousin right. You're my cousin. Yes i mean putting them anymore. Yeah he's like this cartoon character and yet he's is this real person like i'm sure there's so many stories that you can tell about just being around him and having these conversations with him but what is something that just you were even like holy crap. I got to put this in the movie because that's just insane allow well. He said someone described him to me. Once as the most miami any creature i have ever seen and i think that's a pretty accurate description opin but when he's talking about his v._i._p. Client in the steroid business. It's really the human growth hormone <hes> you know antipasto and business was manny ramirez shout out to the dodgers and it was just before actually his dodgers <hes> contract and so he started to work with many who was starting to get a little long in the tooth. You've starting to to not be able to perform at that peak level of performance that you know that that he was used to that you need you know t to get those free agent in a big big money contracts and so he would start to give him the concierge service which meant he was traveling with him all over the country he would stay either you know in in a neighboring bring hotel room or you'd actually stay in the same hotel room that manny <hes> was in and they'd always identify him as a publicist during nutritionist or whatever p._s. Title you know they would give a tony and he would have to <hes> if he slept in a room with manny in twin beds. Manny could would not fall asleep unless he had a bedtime story and to tony would find himself in bed. You know in the bed next to manny danny in a hotel room telling him a bedtime story and just talking to him until he gently fell asleep in december land and so i i thought that was a bunch. I'm like what a bunch of nonsense and then we actually started to research about. It and it's a pretty like kind of i don't wanna say well known fact but it was published and a ah story that like manny had trouble sleeping if he was alone and needed like sound or people to talk and tell him bedtime stories and tony was one of the guys who would travel with with him on the road when he in between doses of human growth hormone into saas would tell him bedtime stories this sweet i mean it's just like that's it's such a nice human touch to the story when you i when when you really bolsters our faith in humanity when you can you have all these characters and these people and these oddballs and this and then you know criminals and all all these amazing characters what is a teacher you take away from just about like people generally criminality and then just all the stuff that goes into it about who who we are and what motivates us well you realize we have a multibillion dollar this annual annually liam multibillion dollar criminal justice system when it tells you is crime is a business and it is a business both for.

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