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Yeah, there's a whole bunch of jobs that you got to go through that you may love and you make fucking. Hey, there's a lotta sweep you don't know. And you are there. Yeah. Exactly. Swift ring moving moving things from one rail to the other boxes changing directions on hangers for literally three hours like facing. Inwards steaming steaming burdens poor. My poor arm. The scar. To prove it. Meaty fleshy part of my arms to God. Dammit and Evan you work locally as well. But you work for a larger company we don't need to get into the details of it. But. I work in many locations. I work in retail. So yeah, that's it is what it. I'm not on the floor. I'm a visual merchandiser, which is another gig that you probably don't really exists that happens for you know, it exists. But you you have no idea what what it is. We actually spend every goddamn thread sent. Let us leaving steaming sweeping steaming hangers as we just mentioned wigs low mannequin arms. Things stealing things feeling wag doing wigs stealing arms. Stealing hands feeling arguing close off that manikin ceiling closed because that's right. Like, you steal a shirt because you want the shirt or are just have a compulsive need to sell things. I guess that's where the ceiling of Manica the fucking you're going to do with the mannequin arm early. Anyway. It's not a very nicely. Is a low quality way. Longest Whigs been around. God damn stand guard sprayed into the sucker. There's what else that goes on in your job in other companies in other roles and other things in terms of visual merchandising like ever walked by a store window. Somebody did that could've been our friend. Evan couldn't name, but that's a big part of sales which most. In school. The statistic was like ninety percent of retail sales are tributed to the visual aspect of the store. Share? What does it look ninety percent? Yes shit. I I remember that things on Iraq as much as you want. But if you can't make it look good people aren't gonna walk over to the rack. Yeah. And then pick it things like face outs. Mannequins words, you didn't know where where's or Venus? Whatever Well, how how many? many. Pants to make it look the most appealing to a human being possible. One season. We're gonna fold the Pence this way. Now, we're going to. And I don't know why. I just have to get your directives from the top directives. Good good. Good work where? Yeah. There you go. We'll talk about those goal setting still hear me. Hear me complain left right and center. Kinds of telling you where I work. Other than that. I also have my own made to measure business. More importantly. Hustle going on you got your much engaged. For sure.

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