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O P News. One way to pass the time at home is to build things like paper, airplanes and kites. With the help of some experts. You have some scissors, some paper and some tape in a drawer somewhere. Then you can take part National model Aviation Day this year was covert happening. All of a sudden, we realize that a lot of the curriculum that we had was geared towards classrooms and not necessarily living room. So Kyle Jaros, the education director at the Academy of Model Aeronautics and his team changed that they put together almost two dozen videos and counting, outlining projects that could be done with household items. This isn't ever growing, ever expanding opportunity on so you know if you go to him, and you knock out all 23 of them this week Check that next because there would be more than fine links to the projects. On w t o p dot com Valerie Bonked w T O P News Samaria Kids were very disappointed following the abrupt cancellation of their summer camps was one of the things to look forward to going around with virus and then there's not much really happening, but 10 year olds Ana Pashiardis excitement deflated after her dad got an email Friday evening from her FC Barcelona soccer camp, saying Camp R. F K Fields was cancelled Monday. This has been one of the few high Nights of the year. We were still looking forward to when we were really excited that this was still going to happen. Staff at FC Barcelona say they trimmed the camp down to 60 kids had a safety plan in place and we're ready to go when the city denied their waiver to operate. W GOP obtained the letter that went out to atleast five other sport camp, citing exceeded the mass gathering limit of 50 people. But Dad David Pasha, He got a different reason in his cancellation. Email selling us. The campus canceled because events DC, says there's a spike in covert 19 cases. Chris Rodriguez, who runs DCs, Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department, says any camp of the sport with medium to high contact between campers was denied a waiver. It's just they called it last minute and I was all ready to go on everything so it was really sad read more w GOP dot com Meghan Cloherty W GOP News Sports at 15 and 45. Brought to you by your local Honda dealer. Don't settle for less than a Honda, A 45. Let's go to Jay Brooks, Johnny that ass fell to the Oriolesseven three last night. At the are southpaw Patrick Corbin falling the two and one on the season Skipper Deep Martinez on his lefty. You stay with him asked him if he was okay, and he he mentioned he. This is the best he's felt all year. So that's that's good, but you know, he was just his location. Not good. Today. He battled through. I've been in space cop got up and we get a matter today. The serious finale and one of five first pitch back SHARES or gets the start for Washington. Lefty Jon means throwing for the O's baseball will celebrate the 1/100 anniversary of the Negro leagues today. NFL NEWS Alex Smith is one step closer to return to the NFL. Well activated off the pump list. He went through 17 surgeries in nine months and almost lost his life and a leg. Of course. Tio needs to pass a physical tomorrow by the team Doctor be cleared for football activities as veteran are set to report to training camp Tuesday. Head coach Ron Rivera says that if activated, he would be included in the quarterback competition. WN Ba mystics freefall continues after winning their 1st 3 dreams have now lost seven in a row on 88 73 2 feet to the hands of the law. Biggest aces and coming up in about 25 minutes from now F one racing Spanish Grand Prix at 9 10 Lewis Hamilton, the points leader has the pole J. Brooks W T o P Sports car Jay still ahead, the rainy forecast that has sparked a flash flood watch in Charles ST Mary's and Calvert County is this morning..

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