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Showing snow and plenty of it throughout the tri state 19 degrees. Let's get to the latest traffic and Really the best way to say this if you do not have to be out on the roads just stay inside. Freeways remain covered The side streets are also covered, some completely shut down. Road crews are already working double shifts trying to keep the highways clear. But as long as the snow's falling that might be impossible. No, we're expecting in the areas unprecedented, essentially three major winter storms, all hitting Than a week. Tuckey Transportation Secretary James Great We had what amounted to an intermission actually between the winter storms this weekend, but it was actually it was only a short break. What we're facing is three winter storms in seven days. Three winter storms in seven days. I'm Brian comes news radio 70 oww, while the Centers for Disease Control have added Ohio to the list of states where variant of covert 19 1st, discovered in the United Kingdom has been confirmed the latest update from the CDC. On cases of variant and the U. S shows. The sample was taken from a female patient last month because of variations among how labs across the country report cases. Experts do not yet know how prevalent this new variant is in the United States. Yeah, Tax season is here with the filing process now officially open for your 2020 taxes and like everything else in 2020 year, taxes will be different because of the cove in 19 pandemic. NBC's Rebecca Jarvis explains the irises, allowing some flexibility for those claiming the earned income credit. Or the childcare tax credit was stimulus checks that went out last year. Anywhere from $1200 to up to $600 on the second round are not taxable income and about 12 million Americans who were eligible didn't actually receive them, And there's a way to get it on your 2020 taxes. If you didn't receive them, you can file for what's known. As the recovery rebate credit. This is for anyone making up to $75,000 married couples filing upto $150,000, and that will make you eligible for those 1200 or $600 checks that went out last year. I'm Rob Carpenter your next update at 11 o'clock breaking news any time news radio 700 wlw. To show you how easy it is to file a claim with Geico..

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