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The the other problem i would just say it is could we do not have a conventional president who engage persuasion uh tom president trump has not been out there doing normal things like giving to explaining here are exwigan come in healthcare market right now here are are solutions and why he is the better he could joe's dealers and then here i agree with the danny at this let me ask you this final was kind of fun okay so jerry go you're sitting in your office the wall street journal and a white house operator comesa as rego yes white house operator please hauled for a conference call i have president trump i have majority leader mitch mcconnell and as speaker paul ryan negative on the phone i'm only going to give you twenty five seconds joe they get on the phone and they say jarrai go what should we do what you going to say in a word uh i think president trump need the gutter you need to start in missouri he could give a big speech about the problem going on in that baid and why the reform alternative is better and why the tonnage i get out there and lead on the issue have the he's manning and joe ray go pretty good advice and todd love stocks up next for me being as class was ninety beautiful friends this has been watching those since i was a kid i think the nineteen seventy one sc was the first mercedes that just blew me away everyone remembers the first time they saw and the day they began to long for a mercedes benz of their own well that day may be a lot closer than you think.

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