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I think I think it was an Empanada. Let's hear clip number twenty eight. They were finished already. Ask for the check but there was still sitting there and my wife and I started discussing like would it be weird if we ask them for the empanadas because that's basically what we would have just ordered that and would've saved us you you know whatever it was and twenty bucks and and you know and some time and we could have just eating that food and ever would have been happy. I think that this is one of the most romantic stories you've ever told about your wife. I really think it is guys. Were like you wanted to you. Express your wife. Hey I'm going to eat that other tables food that they're throwing away and your wife wasn't like gross disgusting. Who are you get away from me it like she was on board Jordan? Do you also know what it's Rav. It's not cast Rob Rob just now on the clip that listen to that yeah yeah I would agree. That was the most romantic moment we've had in our fifteen years of marriage marriage. You guys were like soulmates in that moment. Yeah I guess like she. We have very little in common but I guess she is on the same page as me usually food wise I'm you know a quantity over quality guy I. She's not but like you know I I but yeah in the moment and also she knew the table mates like she had gone to like elementary school with the girl so it was not asked not as good of a story uh-huh but they shouldn't smoke fifteen years juice out new the person's name so wasn't like that and saying that okay all right you back to soulmates yeah okay. I almost dumplings. I knew I knew it was some sort of like I i. It was a Mexican restaurant. I heard Empanada not I remember that story yeah. It was a beautiful story. Yeah Tales those type Jordan what score it's nine to nine we are we are in a dead heat right now and we're going to go back to the Seinfeld eld finale one question you guys there are there are many questions left. I it's it's a matter of how many questions lessons you guys were. So what's the score. What's the score nine nine nine two nine? We are tied and this is the end of the round. That was the end of the round. Yeah Go Rob Plato Eleven when when you know you've ever get eleven I win. You have to win by two. No you don't have to win by two okay so I have nine yeah awesome. That sounds good okay so this is this is going to be a question for Akiva where did rob suggest for the location of the the Seinfeld live show show if only ten people would be attending a Chester's house be a hotel room see the original Superman Restaurant de Mendis restaurant. Oh this for me. Yes this is real so really again. Sorry I thought it was rob's questionnaires so where did rob suggest for the location of the Seinfeld live show. If only ten people would be attending a Chester's house. Be Yeah Tell Room see the original Superman Restaurant de Mendis restaurant. I think we consider all those except the original Superman restaurant Chester's house but just moved right before the Seinfeld felt finale. I think we didn't really look into Mendis but that would have been a good idea. We mentioned that rob. I'M GONNA say Mendis okay. Let's clip number twenty three okay so that's what we're trying to figure out because if it's like ten people we could just be in like a hotel room somewhere well. That sounds wrong. It's definitely not going to be ten. Ah We've already had way more than yeah. If it's two people we could be in a hotel room but I did. I manifest the sleepover podcast you did. I don't remember I didn't remember that but I think he did. That is what I was thinking what I what I heard except the last year did not listen to the Seinfeld podcast and she and it was her idea uh-huh. I guess I just been trying to get ten people in a hotel room for years. Yeah I guess although we ended up so I don't want to spoil what happens. Yeah we still we'll have a whole podcast to listen about that so rob. You can take the lead here. This is going to be your your question from also from this two one five we I got to win and we were just talking about manifesting future renounce wiggle ideas who does a key say would be the surprise entrance to the royal rumble of people people who testified against the core for was it a Babu Bhatt. Be The bubble boy see George Steinbrenner de the soup Nazi I yeah I don't think I understand the question so Kiva says that of he was talking about the people who who testified against the core four and he said that one of them if it was a royal rumble instead of a court case would be surprise surprise entrant so was it Babu Bhatt the bubble boy George Steinbrenner or the Soup Nazi question. I WANNA say was the soup Nazi I felt he gets his own mm sort of moment of coming in so the Soup Nazi Aka a is correct and rob. You are one point away here a great comeback. You're up tend to nine and let's go to for the final round about this bill rounds for the file rounds. It might be the final round we don't know but since ROB's appoint away. Do you want to do this. Do you guys want to choose your category. You choose your own category for the question. I don't know Jordan. You're in charge here yeah. We don't make more complicated well. I keep I feel like a- AKIVA has accused me of jumping around the question. Jordan wouldn't just nine the nine the final category if we if rob if rob is correct is GonNa be the last one because we said we're planning to eleven. It's nice. It's ten to nine tennis. You say the winning team score. I I have it on my sheet is as okay whatever so much work to like switch the numbers in your head. That's another thing I did over the weekend I did I did go to the team the thirty last week rub yeah so it is okay tend to nine. Rob Rob is in the lead okay then I'll just I'll just pick the category we're. We're out of the in that category. We only have one recap question Russian blacks that we can't go to that because you guys are shooting from the same category so I'm GonNa do what we'll do the Akita rob questions. I think these events are fun so we're GonNa Negoti Akitas question. It's going to be a question about rob. What did rob do for work in the summer of one thousand nine hundred and this is from an an APP? Did he a lifeguard he be working to catering hall. See working a target deep podcast about the real world. The answer is yes so do without reading D- please say ABC again okay. Was it lifeguard. be working a catering hall see we're GONNA target. I'm going to say catering hall a catering hall. We don't have a clip. You are correct. You have ten points at Reiver's sister Nino win right. If you get this you husband genie deal okay and I have October this if you like this dynamic namic you're GonNa love one episode of wish I'm back. We have to do a rene episode any twist episode in the same week. I believe we have someone in mind for the first episode of Real punishment for we have to do it this week. I mean tradition question. Should there be Rene episode and and also the tuition that in like six day. I watched the listen okay you. It's not going to be for a while because the Jewish holidays start. I'm going okay so this is this is for the win. This is a this is a question from the seinfeld finale episode. It's about Akiva on the Seinfeld felt finale podcast. How did AKIVA describe the everyone? Everybody loves Raymond Finale A KOSHER BE TRAE F- Aka non-kosher see SEE PARV AKA neither meat nor dairy or D- debate like now. I really when I'm relief to lose. I really hate the joke answers okay. I feel like that the I know that the everybody loves Raymond an finale was just fine. It was like a regular episode. They didn't like Raymond didn't die or anything so can I hear the choices is one more time yes was it a Kosher Be Trae F- Aka non-kosher See Aka neither meat nor dairy or D- debate. It's like it's either kosher or neither meat or the area that it was the right like work. Yes I know what he everyone's Raymond Finale was. I'm confused about the kosher terminology who wrote discretionary L. Yeah this no. This was actually a me question. I wrote this okay all right so you would have done a better job okay. I'll say it was a kosher. Okay play clip number twenty one it was well done but it wasn't really pushing the envelope or changing the discourse of the way that television shows were being made at that time no my people would say was part of it was very vanilla but delicious delicious delicious vanilla okay so incorrect. We have a tie game here so we're in the in the final round unless last so if I keep of course of course Jordan let's do one more normal round of it's still tied. We'll do a fast finger type question. Is that fine right okay okay. I think that's a good idea yeah all right so this is going to. We're going to go back to the well of rob questions that he has to answer so question. Okay here we go after appearing on survivor. What was rob hired to do? In order to receive free tickets at Lowe's movie theaters for an entire year. This is from the renowned episode was in a you record the video shown before the movie informing movie movie goers of rules and exit locations of the theater was be attend a party of lows executives who happen to be a survivor a fan see eat bugs cooked by the author of a Cookbook de Create a database for all of Chester spreadsheets answers. No I know I don't because it's like when you fifty fifty who wants to marry a question but there's the two ones you know we're still there. I feel like being see both have literally I in. Let's let's see is like a made up thing in my mind. I'm going to say be though I'm answering clip number one. There was a guy that had a cookbook where he was going to eat that he cooked bugs this guy and they hired me because I was on survivor in exchange for appearing at the with with this guy then I was going to get a free movie pass.

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