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Eight two five five talking about your home and feel free. If you've got a question you can join us at the bottom of the hour. We're going to clean up the outside of the home mold mildew algae black streaks on roof. Green pavers worrying it a rhythm the easy way. That'll be at the bottom of the hour. In the meantime, let's get Gary, Gary, welcome. Hey, Gary, thanks for taking my call. You bet you I have a question for you. I have a deck. It's about seventeen by twelve. It's the treated wood. Now, it's about eight to ten years old. Honestly, it has you know, I live in the Cincinnati area. Of course, you how that weather is has no protection over have. No trees around it. Not like that. I mean, half shrubbery stuff like that landscaping. And it gets the direct sun. It's it's starting to ride on me. I mean, I've lost two steps. Probably and last year and a half that I've replaced. I'm getting tired of the wood. Do you have any suggestions on tracks? Or is there a PVC? I mean, I'm not there. Boy, you got certainly plenty of choices. Yeah. It's interesting. Why is that would rotting question? My wife, and I were sitting on a deck here. Just a few weeks ago. You know, we had all that rain. I know out we had like five six inches of rain sitting on the deck and one of the feet from the chair. To pressure treated wood pressure treated, I got. Yeah. I was shocked. Well, you know, we went through all this transformation of different types of pressure press would and there was a period in there where the pressure treatment wasn't really deep into that would in even now it's kinda working self out. Now the couple of years ago, they started this press wood for ground contact per shoe would for non ground contact in press treated non ground contact was just barely pressure treated in quite honestly, if he had the deck that was ten feet up in the air. There's leaves and gunk and water and dust. It's better use the ground contact. So I don't know if that was the case or not, but I got it at Home Depot and the gentleman told me that it was a newer pressure treated wood. Yeah. I'll bet you're right now. Period question. What it is. Yeah. Well, the world is certainly looking for other options the composite decking z-, you know, they're not cheap. But the maintenance is virtually nil outside of cleaning it, and there's so so let me in in a way, there's there's probably. Four major categories for decking. One is would one is a composite which is. Would flower in plastic in tracks timber tech and all that? But really, we're the whole industry's gone for probably less. Four years is a capped composite. Cap composite. Some are PBC I think the treks has a PVC cap composite the one I really like is one called decorators. And it has.

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