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Didn't think it was gonna be make up artist Stan Winston special effects make up artist Stan Winston were Winston the penguin Winston way what was the name of the Wellington Wellington all are you familiar with Wellington Jim I know Wellington is one of the penguins that they let loose in the shed a query oh okay have you seen that video yeah yeah it's just Wellington is like kind of a leader okay of the I. penguins are just wandering around the ship should acquire in looking at beluga whales and stuff okay I could watch that footage all day long absolutely okay forty two after the first round Jim the game you got it here we go thank you yes fifties and sixties all right which common rock instrument was normally not used by the doors in concert he which instruments instrument was not used by the doors in concert home runs no one you're like I mean it's not guitar it's not based on the key right now is base yeah remains early debates man's Eric may remains play the bass lines on the keyboards okay yeah base okay there you go all right Jim finally slipped up all right time what we what do you got what what what happened I'm sorry fifties and sixties within one what year was our prescribes and board harbor Streisand yes within one year within one year forty three that was my us within one year if you're born in nineteen forty two not very good alright let's see done all right I know my Barbra Streisand big bad Sam I've seen until a hundred and thirty times I'm lying of course all right are you ready yes seventies and eighties right which Ozzy played general hospital's Dr Noah Drake before becoming a pop star Rick Springfield that's correct I know Rick Springfield's Australian yeah do you do that yeah I I could I interview them I had no idea I didn't know he was Australia I mean I knew it I knew he was on General Hospital and I've seen hard to hold three hundred twelve times my my old roommate Mister Scott okay in his bedroom was like right next to mine the apartment that we had okay and I was trying to take a nap on Saturday afternoon but he kept cranking Rick Springfield and waking me up people blasting Rick Springfield purposely trying you know to get towed to annoy me to wake me up I'm guessing it works yeah well I mean you do his the room was right next to me and he and he was blasting it was the greatest hits Rick Springfield greatest hits it's getting came he gave me gave me nightmares okay all right you got a question for me time yes I do all right within one what year was prince born prince fifty seven that's within one nineteen fifty eight man we're your needs today I don't know what's going on here we usually we usually suck at those at those what else all right okay nineties and two thousands you're ready I am what rock group has hits in the nineties with lightning lightning crashes and I alone live that's correct right sixty four right now this is one of the highest scoring games I've ever seen and we're we're trying to get the knees highest scoring yeah I I saw live twice buffalo buffalo Tom open form one time assault yep I was at that show yeah okay all right within one what year was back born Jeff back god back yelling back no all right nineteen.

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