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Casta from Jackson State. He was a number one draft pick the title. He didn't he he was pretty good. I yet some very interesting words. Come Brady and bill belichick Swab on the phone. But he did it leave either them happy and the Chicago Bulls be ready to bring in new management. Can Somebody tell me rich caster WINTON JACKSON STATE? That's a good policy. Usa Fadi. We're going to see Walter. Payton Jackson State. We know what he wore in the NFL. Now you don't know what he worked Jackson State Right. Seven thirty three could have been eighteen. I don't know woody war given thirty five and got it right would have been. Why was thirty four? Well then why did you say you didn't know? Entry Level Thirtieth Birthday Draymond Green. This has been a tough year for draymond green with Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson and Steph curry out. The load fell on Green and he has not tarry. Wait a minute. His played in only forty three of sixty two warriors games. And he's averaging what you boy. Charles Barkley calls quote a triple single unquote. He was a great player on that team on the other great players were playing this year. Not so much. Let me say something. Even if he had steph curry alone and the two of them were together. They weren't GonNa make a big dent this season brain drain. Mas Play Him. I like him. He has not produced in the waking stopped being bad at the anniversary. Michael Jordan on the state three years ago while addressing the North Carolina football team and fans at the uttered the inspiring as the best ceiling is the loop unquote route squatty. That remark made people scratch their heads. And he has. What is he talking about? But in his most recent public appearance at the memorial service for Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan was tremendous. You know what? He wasn't the only one crying at the end of his speech. A lot of us were it was. Tony tremendous is the word to be used in the way Jordan address. That's that's a hard situation. That's hard roll to be happy trails to a win. For Oklahoma sooners. Were up to would six seconds to play last night in Norman with career. Seventy eight percent. Free throw shooter Christian doolittle on the line came over right law do little missed both free throws and then watch his Texas that Coleman. The third raced up the floor and banked three to win it. For the Longhorns if indeed Texas was on the bubble a road win like this they will get them into the NCAA tournament. GimMe a number over under a teams. We're going to stay on the bubble the next week fourteen to eighteen. I was GonNa say more like twenty five just a lot of things on a on a while. You're going to need a bigger bubble. Let's say a lot to clean up here Lou. Gehrig was six feet two hundred pounds but not six ruth was sick..

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