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My extraordinary women friends. Happy October. I invite you to pause and reflect on that for a moment. What a year. We'd been through right? Yes. It's nothing like we've ever been through before and we still have a journey before us and at the same time. I'm guessing that you've had some pretty special moments in this year that you're extremely grateful for so pause in those as well perhaps moments with special people. Life moments of achievement moments of making a difference for another and all the disruption of this year and all the unexpected happenings. There is good and I invite you to celebrate that for me when I pause in these questions. I'm grateful for more time with my husband as we work just down the hall from each other. I'm grateful for special time with close relatives in the small circle of connections that I was able to make over the in real life over the year with my family with my dear friends. I'm grateful for my circle of clients some whom I've been able to see in real life and have been just virtual some of them been in small Retreats and some of them been VIP Gatherings. It's it's been a good year for my clients and I'm grateful for all the things that they're doing. Now the world making a difference that's something I'm super grateful for. I'm grateful for this podcast and the many women that I've been able to connect with here dead. And the mini podcast I have been able to join that's been one of the funnest things of this year is being on other people's podcasts. I'm grateful for the virtual stages. I've been able to join and I'm grateful for my extraordinary young women ignite event that is coming up November 5th and 7th and the amazing lineup of speakers who will be joining me these past few weeks as I've just been back from vacation have been a spent putting together the foundation of the first virtual ignite ever. Well, this is the 6 year of Hosting ignite. It is the first virtual ignite and that in an in of itself has opened up so many opportunities for people to join us from around the world to try for me to try new Platforms in new ways to create connection and engagement and speaking of grateful and very grateful for the team that is formed around me to make this the best damn virtual conference. That's out there. I'm smiling as I think about all of its unfolding. It's going to be super exciting the flow of this month. The way it's going to we're going to be creating engagement and as an extraordinary woman with big things to do in the world, you should be there anyone who has been to ignite before knows that there is not another conference like this. There's more connection. There's more real strategy. There's more listening to your inner wisdom. There's more breakthroughs that occur in ignite all the details are available over on my Camry Gilmer.com forward slash ignite and I hope you will join us..

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