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Homeless encampments komo's jennifer sullivan has more on the changes they're seeing assistant chief brian hastings became a seattle firefighter in the nineteen eighties they're worth the tents the hazardous drug needles and he says you didn't have to constantly watch your back delegate balance between maintaining your focus and keeping aware that you need to keep your options open that option hastings says is knowing when to call for police backup that call is something firefighters are now being asked to do more often we're trying to express the firefighters it is it is better to conservatively call police than to wait and see if you can play out this supposed rivalry between police and firefighters no longer exists in seattle heating says that was so many people living on the streets and had mental crisis the departments have to work closely together in a policy changed teams of six or more firefighters will respond to emergency calls in areas of homeless shelter slater today the trial will resume for two brothers charged in the deadly shooting at the notorious seattle homeless encampment known as the jungle the brothers were juvenile's at the time of the two thousand sixteen attack which left two people dead and three wounded they're being tried as adults on first degree murder charges and according to prosecutors the brothers went to the cap to collect on a five hundred dollar drug debt for their mother the king county council has adopted major changes to its discrimination and sexual harassment policies legislation was approved unanimously yesterday introduced by council member jeanne kohlwelles you'll be promoting our workers all of our employers wellbeing first and foremost making sure that we were safe inclusive and respectful workplace for everybody among the many changes the ordinance prohibits discrimination and.

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