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Com. And we'll see. I think we broke even last week, right? And the how we, how we doing. Playing well, and they got a good quarterback. They got a couple of good quarterback. If they're nowhere near people were steam. The league nowhere near there are a few teams that are play them de GATT the pretty little lady that forget to hit the brake pedal and just blasted through all big fellas and Ryan into the Heba any machine, a monk are, oh. Oh, oh. Told you guys have a reaction. Oh, my. He's fine. Okay. She hit a bunch. Probably put eyeliner. I'll be there. Keeping have gainer like like a diving move, Honey. I'm on my way. I'm doing something. I'll be. That's right through the corkscrew. So that's at the top of a a long uphill, and it's a fast, long uphill, and you don't see the turn. You just see a big banner that goes across the track. That kind of says, all right now the place to start slowing down, but you don't see the turn d, c, top of a hill, do you think she froze? I mean, know her. He line for sure. Her break. I guess she lost her break. Now you would say, well, then you gotta downshift which you should be downshifting, but she has like a paddle shift. So it's not like the same as taking a sticks. You have to just drop it in a second, let the clutch on the rear wheels with lockup or whatever. And then I guess one could have shut the car down. She had probably us a second of one point, two seconds to do something like shut the car at the emergency, whatever or down. It was her first race, I think. So I remember reading. She probably wasn't that familiar with the car and your hands. Don't go to the right button on the dash, and maybe she downshifted. I don't know. Maybe the car wouldn't let her down ship because of the RPM choose polling or whatever it is. Surprising is usually something you can do. But again, you're on the gas all the way up the hill, all the way up. And then in one second, you go now break. In downshift and she braked and there's no break. And now you have point seven seconds to figure it out. And I guess she didn't. She wasn't slowing down at all though. She hit that now she hit the tire barrier, which is good. The reason we all react is she bounced fourteen feet into the air Carwyn sailing Aaron landed, and she's okay, but thank God. That's why use your car people. All right. Let me tell you about madman. Yes. How does how does the Dale die on that? That that one accent that he had the accident that he had didn't even look as bad as this one. This was looked like she should have should have been dead, broke. Her neck dot died that she was going full speed into a wall. Whereas Earnhardt I mean, it didn't even look like he crashed to be honest. It just looked like it did not look into the wall and was in then he passed. I don't understand what hash wall because she crashed into had some give to it. He he didn't. He okay. The they're a grad. Well, first off, they now have these crash berries. I interviewed the guy who made all. This stuff in the have a look..

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