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Been fabulous. You slow down Reynolds and Frasier, I think you slow the pirates down. I do, too. And I You know, we talked to Gabe Kapler here coming up, and I just ran out of time. I meant to ask him about Adam Frazier because you know to me Adam Frazier. He's a problem on drily. The problem is, in some ways. He's not enough of a threat to where you're just out now pitching around him and saying, Oh, we can't let that guy beat us because he's not hitting a bunch of home runs. So you pitch to him. Then he gets the barrel of the bat on the ball. It's kind of a conundrum. They need to pitch him better. And maybe Alex Wood is the guy to do that. The thing about Alex, though, also is You know Reynolds when he switches round bat right handed that slider to the back foot of right handed hitters is just awesome. And so Alex is not just limited to dominating lefties. He's got that great weapon to get right, Anders out as well. And I think that's been a huge Key to his success. I can't wait to watch him pitch again. He's just he's just been fantastic. We actually set up a zoom within this week, which tells you all you need to know about 2021 because we wanted to talk to him and say I and check in with him and like basically introduced ourselves to it, which is sort of ridiculous, But he was so fun to talk to, and man when you I'm sure you've talked to him before, too. But he just wants to dive into the analytics and the technology to.

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