White House, Jared Kushner, ABC discussed on The Home Show With Richard McKann


Time seven o'clock. They call it. A dress rehearsal for the first manned space mission in almost a decade NASA and SpaceX his falcon rocket went into space early this morning carrying a dragon capsule on a trip to the international space station. ABC's Carey or David Carey at Cape Canaveral. It was a thunderous launch right on time at two forty nine in the morning Saturday. The falcon nine carrying the new dragon crew capsule into space everything working properly. According to SpaceX as the first stage returned to earth and the capsule went into orbit preparing for its docking with the space station tomorrow morning. David curly. ABC news Kennedy Space Center. Nafta apparently is impressed with the launch of space. Agency officials say they are happy customer. The White House is denying allegations this morning of unlawful activity in connection with the security clearance for the president's son-in-law, Jared Kushner. ABC's chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas reports congressional leaders are turning up the investigative heat. Congressional Democrats putting the White House on notice setting a Monday deadline to hand over documents related to Jared Kushner's top secret security clearance. The documents were requested five weeks ago. Now in a sternly worded letter house oversight committee, chairman Elijah Cummings says he's asking for the final time. It comes after the New York Times reported President Trump ordered former White House chief of staff John Kelly to give his son-in-law the clearance last year over the objections of the CIA and the White House counsel. San Francisco police and major league baseball are investigating a physical altercation between giant CEO, Larry Baer and his wife at San Francisco park. The scuffle was apparently caught on video and posted on TMZ. It shows bears wife Pam falling to the ground and bear appears to grab the phone from her hand giants fan. Pat. Donovan is shocked that doesn't represents.

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