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Better like, I'm half Taiwanese and half Brazilian heart. Mexican Lupino they talk about these types of things I was recently watching this on Univision like what that like for the first time ever in my life, like they acknowledged Asian Latinos in this was like last week problem. Everybody. Who knows me has known me for over a decade will tell you that I am constantly reinventing myself, I pick and choose whatever is more than Thisiis from me at the time in the position that I am depending on what I'm trying to do. So in a way, I think I have a pretty stable core. But at the same time, I want to tell you that is constantly shifting. There's always something changing. And they're all this competitions are great because they shed light on things that oftentimes they've Nord. And I think that that's even going on in today's political sphere and everything that's going on. And we only get to understand these things once we are made aware, and I think that it's it's a lifelong process where we're always trying to see and discover ourselves and try to understand why we do the things that we do. I would say understanding that grew up in Argentina where there is a lot of psycho. Therapy. That was really well done. The highest ratio per capita of therapists to human beings. So that was very eloquent true story true story. So fi just wrap it up. I find love in the community. I mean, you wanna talk about like a community of folks that have gone through so much within their own families within society within like different issues in the legal system. That's where I kind of find a safe haven to be quite honest, where I'm not getting picked on because I don't I don't know how to make the mollis or I'm not getting picked on because I messed up and eight with my left hand because the left hand is considered the dirty hand in a slum and the right hand is considered the clean hand. And you know, like, I just being me and loving and connecting. And it's love is love. And in the end, love winds. Guys. Thank you so much for speaking with me, so econ bubble Kim, Christina Saudi-owned and David Chang. Thank you so much for opening your hearts and sharing with us. We really appreciate it. Yes. Many ethics. David Chan is a project coordinator for nonprofit in San Francisco Christie or Saudi is a community organizer in the bay area. Public Kim is a chef and entrepreneur. And Sophie Khan is an actress who stars in the award winning one woman show called his Donny growing up Mexican and Pakistan in America. And I wanna thank all of them so much for such an honest conversation. And next we're going to turn to a conversation.

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