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Brad wing welcome to the graybeards your punter and yes i was very happy that this worked out best still on the market it's a blessing about marquette king i did not add king for these specific reason that he's not really a fit first of all he's a poor culture fit from what he's not on a punter picking personal fouls we i know we have junior gilette and pacman and all that but i i'm with the jon gruden camp on this market know the real reason is he doesn't fit the model he's young he's productive see and he exited he eggs you too good an unusual circumstances he'll get gobbled up he's not a true greybeard so i didn't want to cheat the system i mean is can't even car an agreed those guys are in their mid twenties right yeah but i don't know i think the just the king situation didn't sit right with me cut yeah it was a matter of timing i like some of the logo some of the listeners suggested one guy pearce to be in ernest hemingway picture with like a baseball head on we did a great job our the listeners in the readers offering some graybeards logo so where grim reaper won the george cloth and it was really good really good work by everybody so there you go the twentyeight teen graybeards offense problematic defense wins champions all rock with glue guys and players with a lot to prove and then a really nice special teams unit led by a resurgent sea bass is going to win some games and i think recruiting right into an easy seven and nine maybe eight are you going to do go on one night and on in fifteen out about this one in fifty one in fifteen yeah really i mean that are than the brown was better then again that they're about the same as the dick mcpherson how dare you wanted him well the offense is so bad i don't think they're going to score any points so we're winning week one your defense is solid but you're gonna have to win like six to nothing in some of these games guys have cheerleaders.

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