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In South Carolina after she got into a car. She thought was the Uber she'd been expecting with Samantha Joseph since parents either side of him. Governor Murphy, moved to make rideshare safe for bud signing Sammy's law. So that no other family friend, neighbor or community should have to grieve is the Josephson's and Robbins, Ville have an suffer another loss of a bright star like some. Anthem. Samantha was a college in South Carolina got into a car. She thought was ruber. It wasn't. She was then murdered. The law requires rideshare vehicles, tambi easily identifiable signs and required drivers to post unique identifying materials so riders can confirm their driver's identity before stepping into the vehicle has had added precaution Murphy had surging riders to ask the driver's name. Peter hence school, w CDS NewsRadio eight eighty among island Suffolk County lawmaker says he won't rest until red light cameras are taken down. Suffo- county legislative Robert Tronto says he's going to do everything possible to get rid of the red light cameras that are located at one hundred intersections after he says a new study shows accidents increased at the intersections by sixty percent. These numbers don't lie. I was shocked by that by sixty percent increase the financial liability that puts tax payers, not to mention the tickets. Tracks rates are going up people have to pay for their cars to be fixed and not to mention the injuries, however serious, and fatal accidents decreased at the intersections. Palmar Jonah, the county's head of the traffic. Euro tells me. Of the worst intersections in Suffolk County. Because they have the worst accidents sections and the.

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