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Patio combo with two types of melty cheeses is the perfect comfort food for the uncomfortable things in life guys named Ronald she's something about that name trauma, four ninety nine sour dough. Patty, Malcolm, Jack in the box and participation may vary. Bouldering our children, we do everything we can to give them the tools to succeed. Whether they're struggling in school be more of a challenge or get into college. Why hire a tutor when you can hire an entire team of educators. At Sylvan learning centers pounded here in the Pacific northwest Sylvan, celebrating forty years of student success local parents saying about their neighborhoods Sylvan teacher, myself all teachers know that teaching your own children is practically impossible. My children are now successful. I'm so thankful for that Sylvan is really team. And I love Sylvan their system, really truly works. The teachers I owe them a huge hug Sylvan is carrying professional Sylvan his party. We all call Sylvan today. Get ready for happier. More confident and success. Child. I can do anything that. I set my mind to feel super proud of myself. I feel like my future's bright now. There are twenty two Sylvan learning centers in the Puget Sound area. Call one eight hundred educate or Sylvan, learning dot com. Do you want another truck or a truck like, no other? Deals on that truck during ram truck month a truck with available touchscreen stretches and entire foot a truck that has capabilities that don't exist in any other truck in its class like available air suspension. Heck, motor trends. Twenty nineteen truck of the year truck. Do you want a truck that's not only about towing and hauling and payload capability, but a truck that stretches every ability. The all new ram fifteen hundred come in now during ram truck month for deals like no, other whoa. Qualified lessees of competitive vehicles. Get a low mileage lease on the all new twenty nineteen ram fifteen hundred big hold true. Four by four or two ninety nine a month for thirty six months with three thousand nine nine due at signing tax, title, license extra plus based on biggest. The odds of a young girl being discovered by industry insider, while singing to herself pumping gas. One in three hundred million. The odds of the daughter of a clergyman from seven male and spending eleven weeks at number one of the US singles charts. Nineteen million. The us of going onto win six Grammy awards. One point four.

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