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That would be terrific. You know be started basically right with the Reagan administration when he basically cut the budget the federal budget for housing by ninety nine percent. And we're still suffering the fallout today. Most of the homeless our the working poor you know they have jobs but they live in shelters or they live in hotels and so many hotels have been. I have heard on the radio. In several areas converted to house the homeless and picking up on Chara's point Lee Druckman. What about the opportunity for politics to be played out more positively at a local and state level? Well I mean certainly. It's the case that local and state politics to the extent that the issues are truly local state issues. Tend to not fall into the predictable. Democrat Republican polarization. That happens at the national level. There is certainly the possibility that we go back to politics. That is more state and local However one of the things that I've noticed that over the last several years in certainly This has become the case in response to Cova crisis. Is that democratic? Governors Democratic states tend to all have one response in Republican. Governors in Republican states tend to to move in tandem as well and you know all the things that somewhat is the extent to which we might see states kind of. I mean there's always been this tension between federalism. The party within federalism in the party that is in the White House tends to want stuff to be done. The National Level Party. That's out of the White House tends to be whilst has to be dug the local state level and you know this fight between the democratic governors and president trump it picks up on a lot of other trends of state attorney general's binding together in partisan ways in so Seems like it's IT'S A. It's a forum shifting on some of these crucial policies and I just seems like a lot of these local things devolve into the local level. Doesn't necessarily reduce polarization it. It just makes the level of power question polarized question and yet there have been other examples though of Republican governors of say Massachusetts Maryland and Ohio. Who have not responded at all in lockstep to the White House or even to other Republican governors so there have been exceptions to that right. Yeah certainly I mean. Massachusetts at Maryland are both basically democratic states with Republican governors. Who are basically a moderate Republicans who probably would fit more in line with the National Democratic Party than the Republican Party? Ohio Dewine is kind of the exception among somewhat mainstream republican governors so we are talking about the impact of covered on civic engagement and political change. And I just wondered whether there's anything from this crisis any of you. That surprised you. That has come about that that in either a good or a terrible way. The you really didn't expect even even a few weeks ago. Yeah I feel like and of course. I didn't know this until it happened. I feel like I actually had a level of immigrant naievety about the power of my adopted country. I came to the states when I was ten with my parents seeking the American dream and I have to to every extent possible attain. Dad I have a world class education. I own my own business. I live in middle class existence. I'm so I feel like the the notion that you can make it in the US if you work as hard really really shaped who. I am except up until the point that I saw nurses who couldn't have protective equipment except until the point that I heard from my friends who couldn't go bury their their siblings so there uncles of their parents except until the point where people are being found dead in apartments because in my home city of New York where I grew up it has completely shattered my sense of the not even the might but the will of the United States to be a great nation and that to me has been completely heartbreaking because I bought into it I bought into it and I worked through college through Grad School. But you know like did all of the things that made all of the sacrifices that you're supposed to make so that then you come out on the other side with a kind of existence that strengthens the country right and this has completely upended my sense of that ideal that I bought into and worked so hard for. So it's been it's been difficult. It's really difficult to to deal with that as someone who is still striving as someone who has an eight and ten year old. Who wants them to have way more than she was able to attain herself? That's a very profound response. Anyone else want to add to that. This is Neil. I think what was really surprising to me is the sheer incompetence of the government. Because I thought you know trump really really wants to win re election and I thought that because of it he would mount a government response. That is so forceful and so good. That people would have no choice but to elect him again and it would be one of those things where it was a side effect. A side effect of him wanting to win the election that he would have a proper response and I. It's incredibly infuriating and sad and everything that delay guys saying so true. There are so many stories and I have to say that as an Asian American to now live in an environment where Asian Americans are being attacked. Because everybody thinks that we're Chinese and were obviously all-chinese. It's it's really scary. I didn't think I was gonna see this kind of time in my life before we finish our podcast. I want to just ask you about the impact of this crisis on organizing whether it's protests or whether it's just bringing people together Cara from democracy matters how. How would you respond so it? It has most certainly impacted the way we we organize as I look at the issues. I most directly involved in This year I'm I'm a commissioner on the Virginia State Complete Count Commission for the two thousand twenty census and so- organizaing around ensuring a complete count in the twenty twenty cents this which will affect political representation for the next decade which will affect the distribution of federal funds to state and local communities You know this. This crisis has profoundly affected our ability to reach people to explain why the sunsets matters to get people to to complete the census and especially students with whom I work at James Madison University on the other hand voting has also become much more challenging as well reaching students. In that way I think we use in person Programming and communication in so many ways you know. I think I for one had taken that for granted in a lot of ways at the same time you know we we. We do a lot of organizing on social media And through group chats. And so but I think this has revealed that that that is just it's not sufficient right That the social networks and digital interaction is just is just not enough and that we do really need to have that social connection In order to have our voices heard. And so I. I think that's one thing coming out of this That we WANNA innovate. We want to be able to reach. People in in new and different ways. you know we. We've had virtual town halls planned with political leaders and debates ahead of elections here in Virginia. And we've moved those online. But it's it's just not the same as as as being in person and and I think it's something that we're all longing for and and missing during this time and and I'm hoping that we'll be able to return to that sooner rather than than later. It's a good way to end. Cara on Ueli from democracy matters Lee Druckman from politics in question Dzaleka Land Viggo Williams from seventy million meal atmos- from future hindsight. Thanks for joining me. I'm.

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