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All of fame catcher Johnny bench I used to have dinners and throw lasers when I was a Major League Baseball player now I do yard work raise my boys and get the occasional eighteen holes and but I still have to deal with that hall of fame paying I use blue emu pain relief products the blue emu maximum arthritis or continues spray are easy to use I just pray or rub it on no stinging or burning blue emu and works fast and you won't stink available at nationwide retailers. a a. good to be back home after a week off the buffaloes have got the Arizona Wildcats in town today for two teams have not lost a game of the pac twelve south athletic director Rick George joining us here for a couple of minutes bye week I was given fell hard time I think melon last Saturday that he sent his office just blankly out the field because there was no football going on well you know was great for me I mean I I enjoy the heck out of it you know we didn't have any competitions on campus so and I was able to watch football all day and night on Saturday which I hadn't done a long time so I'm sure Mel probably did the same we would talk to on the record here since since a game a issue what a great guy you performance which soon we talk about it every week about kind of the the perseverance of this team but that was his impressive away and I think for the buffs in terms of circumstance heck there were times a second if you're in a relapse we would pull roster weren't sure who have the guys run the fuel up there they were so young but I mean what a great win two weeks ago yeah it was a great win and you know they they talk about the next man up and that's what it was about you know somebody went down and somebody you know stepped in and did a really good job and you know I like the fact that you know this team's finishing you know games and they're doing it and they're successful and we're winning and you know I I I like what Mel's doing and and and I like the progress of this team and you know we we've got a lot of young people you know and and people say well we're we're then we're not then we're just an experienced and each game that goes along we get more and more experience and I think that's going to bode well for us at the end of the year you know for for guy in your position has overlooking a terrified tomorrow would you do with fans and donors all kinds of things would you go to football team is ruling like this it generates optimism does not and that's contagious yeah it does generate optimism and and today will have a a sellout probably it's parents weekend and and you know for all the parents in town welcome and you know that's exciting a minute we lead the conference in percentage of seats sold in our stadium at a hundred two percent in this week will be sold out I anticipate again by the time kickoff begins but excited about you know this team and I think. our community is excited about the sting with a question you know speaking of exciting we have best will finally getting under way and I know it was external about which are yours doing what turns to yeah I mean that you know gosh here we go you know now at all not at all because it does slow down now until June you know with a volley ball and and and cross country got to me of soccer's in the middle of a football and now men's and women's basketball and it's exciting and golf center of both men and women have had some outings in tennis is off to a really good start and and other non competitive season so did a works cited and now look Jenny Simpson the you know what she's doing and should be running here shortly but she made the finals was you know finish first and in the fastest in the semis and is in the world finals in and Emma Coburn of you know finished with the silver medal in the in the three case steeple chase so wow good to be a buffalo and I would think to Rick when that kind of stuff happens in like both Emma has been this way Jenner's been this way they're proud buffaloes they talk about being a buffalo that houses program doesn't just really about exposure simple well I think it it helps at all you know and you know when you have to student athletes former student athletes that are on the world stage it brings a lot of exposure to us you know in an earlier this week we had Jim Manson who's our road scholar in the William Campbell trophy he was in town and you know I saw your podcast that you did with Mel earlier in the week with Jim Hansen and you know we just got so many great student athlete alumni that are doing amazing things out there and it's a credit to the support that we get from our donors and our campus of in you know what they're doing after the last you know quizzle is blown and this one here so it was a big ball game I don't early in the season and all that but you got the two teams that are only two teams are on beat the pac twelve south of Seoul the bus could put himself in office position yeah they can you know this is a big game you know an extra to two thirty game and that's what our our fans like of we expect a pretty raucous crowd in our students to. be in full attendance and this can be a good football game but the bus need come out on top and by the way was when asking about Fiske and Mustafa Rick George is officially on the injured reserve it up like this week I am not playing this week in Ohio but I'll be out there watching that's for sure I say that because he's got a little a contraptions like running a procedurally this week I was gonna win today yeah let's go bust all right it's Rick George athletic director you'd see you it's the box in the Wildcats of Arizona her own family weekend what's a good time I continue after this this is gonna football fuller if you land your college. news sports medicine.

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