Rosemary Barton, Carolina, Robert Jones discussed on As It Happens from CBC Radio - Wildfires destroyed homes, Jack Rabinovitch obit, Old Thrush, Kid in Car Warning, Toronto Tree Tower and more


This is a cbc podcast was programmes brought to you by tangerine unfair bank fees got you down keep more of your hard earned money with the tangerine nofee daily checking account you'll pay fees to do your everyday banking and you'll get free tangerine email money transfers free unlimited debit purchases and free deposits germany after all we shouldn't have to pay unfair fees to use it become a climate answering dot c tangerine forward banking hello i'm rosemary barton sitting in for carolina off good evening i'm robert jones sitting in for jeff douglas this is as it happens the podcast addition tonight twice burned his family lost one house to the fort mac wildfires now a second has been burned to the ground by the blazes nbc but jason sherman says he isn't shine away from the challenge loves labour won at florence richler remembers her friend jack rabinovich the millionaire sponsor of canadian letters who created the killer press driven from distraction a us congresswoman introduces a bill that would order car companies to install sensors alerting parents if they've forgotten their kid in the back of a hot car a leaf for moisture's book and austrian architects says moshe saftey habitats 67 building in montreal inspired his new tree like tower that he wants to build in toronto titled bore a bbc's presenters less than impressive delivery of a story about surfing dogs leaves viewers wondering why didn't just wave the whole thing off and chirp off the old block a norwegian scientists can't wait to uncover the secrets inside of forty two hundred year old bird that was found.

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