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Coverage on espn radio on espn half we are back its andrew hawkins former nfl wide receiver for the banks and the browns my name is field gates amber going to get an update from d day ringing berg on the chiefs and the cowboys two battle back tyree kill fifty sixyard touchdown catch and run the oath arctic is make the end of the first half and they open the third quarter with a twoyard touchdown pass travis kelty capping up nine play theory art drive making it seventeen fourteen cheap remind bus the period nineteen yard run us strive dole respiratory thirty seven yards on nine kutcher that seventeen fourteen cheats with 9'0 sick left the third thank you very much for that s dj the update there and the only thing that he forgot to mention was celebration phenomenal celebration you could vitus re tweeted the video of the chiefs who decided to do it potato sack race oc that was brilliantly set up about the execution right there incredible celebration of the week before i always look for that every week i look for the the team that does the best test down celebration i love the idea that these guys are spending a bunch of time doing this ride like what so the tv the cliff knows version of it tyree kale travis calcium i believe demarcus robertson also lined up they got to like a sprinters a stance like as if they were gonna you know acquired fire at the gates and then they get there and instead of going for a sprint they get up and they pretend to jump into potatoes acts and trump about twenty five yard the two players did not score a touchdown calcium robertson feld arabs are terry killing roberson just fell down just like you know sort of panned out of.

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