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Podcasting 's buffalo napalm waiting for this. Joining us on the hotline from a secret location in Europe on on the lukewarm line. Isn't it? Why why lukewarm? Just denote crackly. Yeah. All right. I thought frame fees. Stick. Style up. You've been bite race and energized by the lack of Indo cycling in this week's podcast, all computers, cycling, computer cycling. What outdoor cycling on grass and mart and nano? No a big fan of that know why? Oh cyclocross. Yes. No. We we found another cyclocross lost. Message donyell. How could I forget, no, I'm a big fan of cyclocross not an active fan. But I'm not an atheist either. Lauren. Non promised to sing cyclocross fon. Anyway, from your running perspective, if you have analyzed sort of how many mic's per kilometer, they running at speed running your impressed by that fact that carrying a bike and relatively again, it's a bit like trunk cycling in the sense that I fully acknowledge an a big advocate of the benefits that combining road writer. And in fact, I got quite excited. Unlike meets geic sightsee quite excited when I heard that then IX, Steve always going to be dedicating more time to cross this winter because I think not we'll do his writing in the classics the world of good. And I think he'll have a bumper classic season. What was it like to be back up by race the weekend there? You're challenged me are was Draymond pumping. Where you off the walls with alignment rates. I was rich Somerset, I go to the stall. Unfortunately off our light. We'll have knowledge I wanted to get there. Because it was the weather conditions are being while they were patchy last week there were couple of landslides which caused the organizers to change the routes a couple of times the star Tunsil messed around with. And we'll have the strange former in the challenge Majorca where we talked about it lost. We didn't we where they sort of Buffy arrangement. You didn't you never who's writing on which well, you know, which team they're riding for. But you never know which ride this team is going to pick on a given day which adds element of surprise. So I showed up in the morning, not really not really. Aware of who was going to be writing. But you know, some big names there Don Martin was there. Emma book Leonard one one of the Honda of the four legs of the challenge me. Okay. The previous day and indeed Rhode very well again on Saturday. He certainly wanted to form writers meal. Valverde was the world champion. So yeah, it was a pretty pretty decent failed. Many spectators very very low key sort of a fan was being stopped by Torres saying what the hell's going on here, and they were slightly incredulous when I told them some of the best bike ride is in the in the world were present. I'm going to be racing that day, it's incredibly low key. What she looked like. Like a club race really in contrast to Argentina to someone where certainly in the final stage, there were huge crowds, and I really enjoyed watching through the sun one. But we'll hear about all of that. And I think we'll also hear from some people like to show and Marcel Kissel, go off the Mark at that. We can Lionel de of China, please do there's a lot to recap this week Loja racing going on we start with the cyclocross world championships and Bowen, sir in Denmark, the top three in the men's race were as expected the only question with which order they would finish in and the answer to that question was match your vendor poll, the Netherlands got the better of two Belgians while art and tune air who finished in silver and bronze positions it was van depose first world title since two thousand and fifteen breaking van outs. Run of three to be fair, though, Richard you watch the women's rate which I mean the men's race was a it was a contest. Formula to you. Larry. Formats malady. Are you joining and formality? In English this week. Anyway, anyway, Sana Khan one for the third year in a row for Belgium. She beat the Dutch women Lucinda brand and Marianne boss into third, Richard. There was a a real mishap for Lucinda brand in the pits..

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