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We're also hearing from the governor after Arizona's electoral votes were objected to with claims of fraud. Katya cars Gabriel Gamino joins us with the governor's comments. That's right Job Governor do see speaking exclusively with the MIC room had to show this morning says he simply did his constitutionally job by certifying the fraud free election results. He says it those that say, otherwise, they were misleading people. Arizona's vote count was accurate, and it was on a date Do see ads that are election was secure, thanks to the states experience with mail in voting. We've been doing mail in voting since 1992. People can have confidence in our system here, but there were some Definite issues across the country. However, he says those issues were still not enough to overturn the election. Reporting live Gabriel Coming. Yoki Tr news to hear the full exclusive interview with the governor. Head to the podcast Center at K t a r dot com. Let's get an update on traffic. Now, as we head live to the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic Center and check in with Monica Read. Well, we have this accident in the East Valley, Jeff It's on the 101 North bound at university at the off ramp accident involving a motorcycle. That exit is closed at university That may be closed for a while while they investigate here. Go with Broadway. A real Salah Toto exit off of the North found one on one. Then on I 10 westbound. You're Jack Rabbit Trail. The right lane is black for a vehicle fire. Expect some slowing for curiosity through there at Belle and grand. We've got a collision. Who's Greenway? Instead? North bound. I 17 past six. Aleta and accident off.

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