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Context hear me say code. Switching them agree that i had correctly labelled what we were about. Router mortgage so nicey whitney disney. You welcome to the bear grease render mama. Do we have an eclectic bunch of we do we do. Yeah man. This is that we may spend like the whole render. Just introducing people that's great. Yeah but all the regulars bail the same time. Except of course i am. I not irregular urine in my book. Only candy. I can't stand by here. No no no you know so. So gary nukem is preparing for the nukem family bear camp. He's been scouting man. It's pretty awesome having a dad. Like i've got sent him essentially some way points like i told him some places and i was like go. See if there's any bear sign there and so he went and did it reported back. No bear son saved me a little bit of time. So we're preparing for the family. Bear camp okay. Like big deal like within hours from right now at the time of this recording me and isaac will be down there and many others. But i'm going to get to that. So that's why gary new come in here. Josh spillway acre off somewhere just unaccounted for. I mean i'm not even sure wife knows where he's out now. He's working not true. Land bridge though the land. If sion fused josh. Yeah and then dan rupe man. Dan had something come up that he couldn't get out of a i was. I was wrecked. When i heard stand couldn't be here truly was brent. Is meeting this at the at bear camp tomorrow and could not. He just couldn't come so anyway. We got whole cast of characters to my left spence. Tara spencer man. It's awesome to have you on the render great to be here homerun homerun performance on beggars. Podcast yup not not one hundred but a fan of soil so and punk rocker rocker. Thank you packed a lot in there and five minutes. Can i share a funny story about spent since soil. We threw a little shindig down here one time. We actually celebrating my brother's graduation and we cooked a pig in the ground and somehow in the process. Yo y'all kind of started nurdin out on your crop soil. Will miami will science knowledge and you guys were working with the third person who had a degree in classical letters. Whatever that is and do you remember this and you guys were in use always wanted my soil science to come in handy and here it is and and you guys just started kind of growing out. Yeah exactly over over both being soil science done as we dug up pit to cook a pig in the grey sole profile also profile. Johnno ours on the university arkansas soil judging team We came in last place. All of mississippi schools vetoes. But i am a collegiate athlete. I consider well. I mean i bring it up this quick but your wife. Is the cross county. Arkansas rice queen former. I mean this big rice queen former on that. One the cumberland gap. Okay okay. i was so we tried to get tara wife on here. And she cryptically couple podcasts. Go talked about someone that did an interview. With a question about the cumberland gap and they just nailed it. Just bam bam bam usually. I'm trying to interview people. That i know won't okay. I'm gonna tell you now that's not true. I i'm just trying to take a sampling of humanity. Okay just random sampling if humanity so interview carlin. She knocks it out of the park. Yeah she's told me about it. She told me about it. Yeah and then it does but we knew all we can do is talk about it and revel in the glory but for spence. Great to have you here man. Yeah fantastic colby. Moorhead bear honey magazines very own colby moorhead man. I mean i can't talk to you without saying this. Last time i saw you you were on an altar getting married shrew. I mean. I'm not trying to be dramatic areas telling the truth. Yeah you were crowding the still your real close to twelve days ago. Yeah yeah. Yeah the eleventh the eleventh. So congratulations nike newly married man. Right here cima leading into new life. Yeah you're beaming good to have you. Have you thank you to your left. Isaac meal isaac first time first time burgers. Podcasts are welcome man. It's me in the flesh. Yeah at first time on really excited usually listen in the text. You things unsolicited. yes i think. Last time was the guy who commented about the cover photo took that personally. Yeah i took that personally personally. Lavar relations image. That is the bear grease image. That's me and izzy my mule. Isaac took that picture is the quiz and the guy said. Don't let the cover photo full. You stood up. I said how dare he. I was offended that was. That's a great picture thanks. I saw that picture picture. Clay me to photograph an animal though. That's like a wild card. Well now isaac is a pro photographer. Yup still still photographer. Yeah yeah check him out on instagram. Isaac neil aspiring livestock photographer. I just can't get anybody to pay me for it so maybe you can take pictures you chicken. That's where my wife's pretty good photographer on your hands in. Yeah now is it. You just got back from where where were you. We did a road. Trip north dakota montana and wyoming grouse-hunting grouse-hunting. Yep wow yep so we targeted sharp tails and hungarian. Partridge in north dakota sage. Sharp tails and hungarian partridge in montana. And then blues and sage in wyoming man. You're talking about stuff. I just don't have any reference for. I'm a visa. You thought they were like to upland birds until like three or four years ago and might my grandpa's one of the most avid upland bird hunters i've ever known but i just thought they were quail and pheasants. Yeah come to find out. Pheasants aren't even american. Yep and anyway just diving into this whole world. It's been credible but i thought there tailfeathers kind of had like the american flag strikes. I is there anything more.

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