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Poverty line in california that benefited three point eight million people dr portion mac works at a safety net clinic in hayward i saw a new group of patients that didn't have healthcare before it was a working class crew people that nontraditional salaries fina that they're like the food service industry tear chefs or real estate agents who relied commission medical has always been a major provider of healthcare in california since the aca expansion it now covers a third of all residents in the state with that growth california brings in more health care dollars they flow into community clinics like dr max tip i see a vasquez health centre to repeal has expanded the last several years but they're still more to do they're still more outreach to do but the money allowed to versiya vasquez to construct an entirely new clinic and they shifted from paper to electric health records ceo david fleet says the expanded dental care to when we are able to make sure that mr smith or mrs rodriguez dozen chauve and the er with tooth paying everyone in the community enjoys lower cost because at that while lead says he's relieved for now he'll continue to watch what happens in dc closely and so we'll doctors across the day at sucker berg sampha cisco general hospital some of them have been working for months to protect the aca dr emily thomas said that type of activism should keep going even though the dcr a has collapse at the senate the threat is still there for our patience and our patients are relying on everyone in this room to continue to advocate for they're expanded access to care there is a chance senate republicans try to revive the stalled health plan that's what happened months ago in the house and laura livens kqed news if you wanna start up a new tech company who do you turn to for funding venture capitalists and where did they get their money retirement funds and wealthy investors recently.

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