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So now they got rid of Jason Kerr they got rid of Chris Rashard they got rid of. Rod Marinelli they bring in a May skip. Told me Mike McCarthy I'm may may He made Iran they? Say that they won a super bowl together a decade decade ago. They McCarthy May man now look if every single year eighty, we go through this the cowboys are supposed to do this and we evaluate we look at them. But look at that talent eighty you been around you know it takes more than just talent to win into win big in this league. The cowboys are High Jerry Jones have been selling them. He does a great job of selling, but the cowboys not nearly as talented not nearly as good as people make them out to be every single year. So I have a question for both of you hall of famers. Do you have any idea how hard this is on me a lifelong cowboy fan to be living here in Los Angeles to have to look at Eric Dickerson wearing dodger top Tommy. LASORDA JERSEY. Because they just won the world series last night and I'm still having to put up with this man across remain because his Lebron led Lakers won the championship the Kovic Championship. Cubic zirconiums championship, but it is championship. You and I have to live with it and the rams are starting to look like they got a shot. I'm talking to the Ram Vassar here there are looking pretty good. They laid an egg up in San Francisco but they looked really good against the bears on Monday night. And now I have to live with the team that is historically inexplicably all time bad I have never. Mr. Dickerson seen anything like this in all my years of covering all the sports never have I seen it this bad for a team that most prognosticators really liked consensus pick to win the NFC east, maybe a fifth or sixth choice among the oddsmakers to win the super. Bowl. I, thought it was a pretty talented team I said ten wins. You said maybe nine you gave them maybe nine. They don't even compete. It started with the opening drive on opening Sunday night at so-fi against your rams. Mr Ambassador they just took the ball and drove it right down Dallas's throat and we're up seven and nothing, and then here we went Atlanta's comes to Jerry World they're up twenty to nothing after a quarter twenty, nine to tin at halftime at Seattle my team is down thirty two fifteen. In, the third quarter then here come the browns who were on and off. They were still struggling hit miss their up forty one to fourteen. In the third quarter. The giants while Jack was still afloat still upright still healthy and the offensive line was still relatively healthy. They trailed the giants seventeen to three early in the second quarter before Andy Dalton finally stole that one back for them and then. Arizona a Monday night football game you just quit you just roll over and play dead and then you go play your archrival in Washington and you quit from the outset you don't even compete. You're done after a quarter of that game on that run by Antonio Gibson, twelve yards he just danced into the end zone. Even if it were a flag football, they wouldn't have taken his flag if we could see that we're seeing right now. So Eric, I, get what you say about the offensive line, but that's right now it's decimated now they got. No shot maybe Andy Dalton maybe been NUCCI, the seventh round rookie at quarterback. Okay. Phillies going to win this game forty three. But when I look back, they never responded to the two new coaches, the head coach or the defensive coordinator. The two mikes dropped the Mike's I've said from the start it just didn't work somehow this team need against both of them rejected all the teaching and coaching on both sides of the ball because this is all time bad worst defense maybe in the history of pro football and the offense is running away with turnovers. Lead the League by foreign turnovers in turnover margin because they've taken it away twice. That's the worst what what's going to happen. You're going to get blown out every game and it has to go back to the coaches because I still see a lot of talent community showed that forty. Tony will give from half. Do have a lot of talent and you and you're right about man. But let's go back to Mike McCarthy remember Aaron Rodgers and Rogers and they didn't get along Dan. You see why I mean Mike Nolan Defense. I mean, it is horrible. I mean, one thing is in players that when you're on the field, you know what's going on sometimes, coaches won't listen I'm serious coaches won't look like. Chatting you know man out here in the battle we know what's going we we know what a work we know what they're looking at. They call him the made the forty even want us I mean the cowboys right now when you when you saw the players handbook, these coaches have unprepared. They don't know what they're doing. You know that's a bad sign when you losing. Everything. Is magnified when you winning I. Say this all the time you win if you came in through a bunch of trash on the floor and the cowboys right now with seventy. Everybody would be like man business how we went we just a bunch of guys having a good time. But when you want what they one in four when you wanted more I mean. Do they to Doing five and five and nobody cares I mean well, I take that back they care about the cob because the other cowboy expect more out of them. But right now this team is just. Not. They're not a unit then they're not a good fit for you got. You Got Stars over here. You Got Stars over there. You got you don't have that and I said this before we went in I know Janet you're not. You're not a big backpack I just think that's the best thing for the Kapor but when you loss dad You lost everything I mean he's I saw it coming I mean when you lost your your your leave your quarterback, the guys they respond to like that hit they put on Andy if that would have been backdated, hit up the whole team.

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