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Whose horoscope columns appear in the women's magazines bust and got a girl crush cool all right I was so sorry how did you get into divination my mother is obsessed with horoscopes and has some experience it with it with it herself however her very good friends taught me everything about tarot astrology I've been doing this now for twenty five years but I studied with her for about five years okay so do you believe in it yes okay so do you think people should read their horoscope and believe in them and take them at face value no what should they do with their horoscopes it's a tool like with anything else how can I put this without offending anyone in the astrological community yes okay it's a suggestion you know don't take it literal it's they're mostly fun there for fun and they give good advice but but vices you know like with anyone but a close friend giving you advice you don't have to take it to the whole level still incorporated into your own life however that's meaningful yeah is it ever scary sometimes yes and what do you do I you know tell them because you should you can't really hold anything back yeah but I also tell them that you know I think with the way I do astrology too I look into possible futures and I'm like well that everything your trajectory shows that this could very well well happen but you have the power to change the optimistic deep Scrooge isn't it you have the power to change it cool yeah I feel good fantastic thank you so much for joining us everyone give it up for mystery guest please its time to crown our big winner let's bring back our finalists Emma Griffin who threw a confusing advent calendar theme to Christmas party and Dylan Sorenson who can't remember what room he puts his Christmas tree in Ebenezer Scrooge taken away Emma and doing your final round is called quiz ms spirits so every answer contains the name of a cocktail spirit or alcoholic beverage for example if I said the title character in doctor who carries this multi purpose tool you dancers sonic screwdriver screwdriver being a drink and a big winner will receive and ask me another Rubik's cubes signed by Anthony rammus we spotted dratel backstage because were cool and Dylan got him all so he's going first here we go Dylan this Grammy winning performer started her own sitcom Alicia in the nineties a brandy yes that's right Emma children jump on one leg in the numbered squares in this playground game hopscotch yes given the character Holden Caufield appear to short Christmas story published in The New Yorker five years before JD Salinger made him the protagonist of this novel catcher in the rye yep Emma this magazine was founded in eighteen eighty six of the family journal but was revamped about eighty years later to reflect its new motto fun fearless female Maggie was all of them that's right Dylan this company's tagline is a diamond is forever three seconds to to to to to no I'm sorry that said the answer was to be years he Emma Jesse Eisenberg woody Harrelson Emma stone fight the undead in this two thousand and nine movie World War Z. are also fun but not right dance with zombie lands Sambi being a drink Dylan the Bulwer Lytton contest for worst possible novel opener honors the author who coined this seven word phrase I was a dark and stormy night where I am yes dark and stormy being the drink Emma regarding this is nineteen ninety five Aweys's hit Liam Gallagher told his brother knoll just because you wrote it doesn't mean you should always sing it Wonderwall probably better song but not really looking for the answers champagne supernova so we are at the halfway point doing is in the lead three D. two Dylan this British off the road to the White House Mrs Dalloway and a biography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's dog flush three seconds if Virginia Woolf Jen Emma this American anthropologist published her first book coming of age in Samoa in nineteen twenty eight Margaret Mead yes telling this atomic research program was first a lot of the budget of six thousand dollars in February nineteen forty the Manhattan Project yes Emma Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen star this I. F. C. comedy series about Pacific Northwest culture the one about Portland for landing Jesper land yeah that's right doing this German fashion designer created looks for Chanel Fendi H. and M. and the coca Cola light bottle fashion designer thirty seconds she snaps fun but wrong Karl Lagerfeld Emma the restaurant college was can be found on this New Orleans thoroughfare name for French royalty Bourbon street yes scores five to four you each have one question left doing to stay in the game you must answer this question correctly and Emma has to miss her question right Dylan this guitar manufacturer which famously makes Les Paul guitars also created BB king's Lucille model Gibson roof that's right the score is tied to the last question Emma if you answer this question correctly you win this university of Miami football team plays in hard rock stadium as nabbed five national championships the hurricanes that's right.

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