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Talk radio five sixty s Chevaux We're starting the show by talking about. Black I land members saying blacks will take what is, they're they're coming for the. Whites the already killing white. Farmers white farmers are leaving and they're applying for lands in Australia and. Russia they move there with their or, cattle and it's a genocide by any any, description we're talking about. That and of course liberals are going to, say, well it's their. Land they're entitled to kill. People that's the liberal. Way they don't think through what they're. Saying they don't think through what they're. Saying now before you jump to conclusions and start accusing me of being a, racist I think you ought to look at a. Mirror I have spent many a night in all black villages in the Fiji Allen's for many. Years never had a problem. There they didn't hate me and I didn't hate. Them in, fact we got along real well Going back to the nineteen sixties and, seventies when I was a. Plant collector medicinal plant collector. Somehow the hatred didn't seep out into Fiji their Melanesian people they're all. Black people genes are different how come, they don't have hatred I mean they'll land was taken away from. Them to but they don't hate the world, how, is that possible. Now there is strife and. Feed Fiji between the. Fijians and the Indians and as eastern. The ends when I say Indians should. Be more specific and at led to a revolution in addition to that there's, a lot of strife in all countries that strife. There but the issue is not about racism it's about realism that people will wind up starving. To death in South Africa. And they'll have to beg for food that's what's. Going to, happen if history is any Indicator of what's going to. Happen let me start, with a couple of callers and we'll start with Jonathan on, WABC Jonathan line six go ahead please. Out of New York City Michael I'm a big fan love your show but, I'm so tired of hearing from European. Without their help Africa will. Fall to its knees Well hole let's. Stop didn't that happen in Rhodesia Who are they going to sell their crops suit where you just made a statement. That the Africans don't need the help. Of Europeans so I'm asking you a. Simple question. Didn't that happen in Rhodesia Zimbabwe's doing okay They're not. No they're not they're on the world stage. Begging for food what are? You talking. About They're not begging. Come on knock it off Wait? A minute what do you. Like come on it's a fact of life what? Are you making it up out? Of thin are they out of the air? What do. You, think you're in a? Cafe north beach now where are you talking? Who do you think you're, talking to here Zimbabwe is a basket case What, happened. Jonathan you're still there Jonathan, if you have any facts. I'd like to. Hear them I'm trying to I'm trying to give. You my point of view I don't mind your. Point of view. Don't base it upon emotion base it upon reality Rhodesia is a model for what will happen in South, Africa Rhodesia when it was farmed. By white farmers produced enough food for everyone in Rhodesia and, then some, they exported food when the same communist nonsense was proposed by. ZIM by Mugabe the murderer the mass. Murderer and the whites were, driven off the farmland What happened does Imbaba On the. World stage importing food Michael I. See this is the problem with stupid, liberals He, made believe he, didn't, hear a word I said and? He said, Michael can. You hear me Mike on, WABC see, let's, see if you have an ear go? Ahead Mike. What's your opinion you're you're talking about The last, guy, was speaking about smoke Rb only reasonable. Governor, became it. Became a bathroom kids because, all the, European, countries because Mugabe was back in England After he did And they were put an embargo on their sell an all you just happen that could feed, themselves the world the, back at all the European countries European turned against Switzerland It wasn't so let let's pause I'm not gonna argue with that point but, I will ask you are you supporting Mugabe now I'm not supported him but don't make it seem as well, because he took hold, it now wasn't Mugabe a mass murderer But that's. Not the, point we're talking about well not the point but let's not, turn him into some wonderful Obama he was a mass murderer not only. Of whites blacks as well anyone who, opposed him he had murdered, in the sense of it's? Working fight Israel's taking, ran back with what what then God give it to them how many thousands years before for them For women holding out. What's, the comparison about, Israel now I'm not following you taking some God. Gave it to them tell, ten thousand years ago Aaron land up. Palestinian land kicking back. To pet from all the Palestinians let's be let's be. Accurate let's go back to the, nineteen forties before Israel was founded the, Palestinians lived on the land for ages It? Was not a thriving land it was an arid land producing very. Little and when the Jews, came to that land though, more specifically when they returned to their homeland. They became, very productive farmers. They turned it into a flowering garden of Eden through very hard work and very advanced methodology of farming They're still, taking land you're still taking. Land that's now you're changing the argument again why didn't the Palestinians export food when they had the land But once I have something I. Could do whatever, I wanted to need somebody I need, it back up all it matters now you're changing the, argument against so you. Don't care in. Other words if the South African starved? To, death, as long as the, people have a sense. Of pride that's what. You're saying you took America how many. Years after changing the discussion again again you changing the subject Thanks so you would you would? Rather see a whole. Population starve to death rather than the, land be. Productive and everyone have food to eat okay, I understand that as very good very good that's the mentality was seeing here, in America under Bernie Sanders. And the millennials. Who know nothing it doesn't matter what the results are. Of their politics, matters is do they feel good as, they take away the power from the white male that's, all that matters that's. All that matters. Is baked yourself feel good it doesn't?.

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