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I see him in in things here and there, but I haven't seen him in much of anything else lately, but I just wanted to, again, it omission correction for for this particular episode was the complete omission of the Montel Williams show which both of us watch from time to time. But I was at in the episode and I went, oh, wait, we forgot Mantell. Now when we get into episode for in game shows, that's where we do get some of the some Email and some more feedback in the first piece of Email I have on the show is from professor Alan and he emails into say, Tom, I've enjoyed the syndication series well enough up to this part, but now you are in my zone. This game shows I will keep my thoughts briefed because when it comes to game shows, I have lots of thoughts. One in junior high, seventh, and eighth grades, my lunch period corresponded perfectly to eleven thirty two noon, showing a family feud. Let's just say I'd rather spend that time with Richard Dawson than with any of those loser junior high kids. I hear you too. You mentioned Chuck Woolery version of scrabble show with viewer submitted clue. An I submitted dozens, two made it onto the show, earning me scrabble t shirt for the first and the letter of thanks for the. Second at school that is very, very cool three. When we first got cable, my wife and I watched tons of the game show network for a number of years. They ran reruns of old shows from the fifties as Sunday night in black and white. I'm gonna put this on all that does sound familiar. I don't think really watched it. I think our heyday is Amanda. And I mentioned when we first got the game show network are like heyday of watching the game show. Network constantly was the seventies and early eighties game shows so match game, pure, amid feud, those sorts of things so, but he mentions what's my line to tell the truth, beat the clock and password and games like that. And he says the game show network also developed a few original ones including inquisition which allowed four at home players to play on air. Same question device of touch tone phones. I never appeared on the air on inquisition, but I did win one of those your phone games. I'm pretty sure I won the princely sum of fifty dollar. Thanks for bringing back pleasant memories with this episode. Keep up the good work and have a great day. And that is professor Allen who was of course, runs the relatively geeky network. And does. The quarterback podcast in the comics reading journal on his own heat, the short box, showcase and darkness to light with 'em a quick. Another quick note on the game show. I've never tried out for a game show myself. The closest thing I ever came to playing a game show was a local competition that's not televised, but it's called word play, which is a trivia competition for charity benefits. Literary literacy. Sorry, literacy volunteers, Charlottesville, Albemarle and every year it's a, it's designed by people who at one point did work on game shows. So there's all sorts of different categories and you had its pop culture. It's general knowledge. It's a really, really fun thing. I have tried out for one reality show and auditioned for another back in the early two, thousands, Amanda, and I did a audition for the Tyler foreigners cooking show FU. Nine one one and did not. They were coming to the DC Northridge area. We did not make it on. I want to say, I don't know. I know I know are we were living in an apartment and I have been small to shoot in that apartment. We did get the chance to meet Tyler Florence at a book signing one time, but the other, the other actual competition show that we we auditions for once was the amazing race, but we never, we never heard back. That's for my constant every once in a while jeopardy test fails. So so there you go, if you've ever been on a game show. And if you've ever auditioned for a game show or gotten a prize for game show, kind of a long. The lines professor Alan is talking about here Schumi an Email Apopka traffic, David Melva com. And if you want me to share your story, you know, shoe Meany, male. I would love to hear it and I would love to share it in future episodes in a feedback section because that's really, really cool..

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