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Figuring <Speech_Female> out what all it entails <Speech_Female> to foster <Speech_Female> a pregnant <SpeakerChange> dog and <Speech_Male> help her puppies <Speech_Male> but last <Speech_Male> month when it was finally <Speech_Male> time <Speech_Male> disaster struck <Speech_Male> millions <Speech_Male> in texas tonight <Speech_Male> or living a freezing <Speech_Male> nightmare a <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> deadly winter storm <Speech_Music_Male> slammed into <Speech_Music_Male> texas and <Silence> <Advertisement> then all of a sudden <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> the <Speech_Female> power goes out <Speech_Female> so i <Speech_Male> was already nervous <Speech_Male> nervous because <Speech_Male> maggie wasn't <Speech_Female> labor mama <Speech_Female> is <Speech_Female> panting <Speech_Female> and <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> resting <Speech_Male> with separators <Speech_Male> plunging at <Speech_Male> four puppies already <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> out aubrey's <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> husband. <SpeakerChange> Chris <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> came up with a plan. <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> He ran out to the <Speech_Music_Female> car in the snow. <Speech_Music_Female> Got tarps <Speech_Female> blankets down dot <Speech_Female> the heat cranking <Speech_Female> and we moved her <Speech_Female> and the her four <Speech_Female> puppies into the <Speech_Female> car and that's <Speech_Female> where she had her last <Speech_Female> three puppies in. <Speech_Female> We stayed in there <Speech_Female> all <SpeakerChange> the next <Speech_Male> day parked in the <Speech_Male> driveway. It was <Speech_Male> a twelve <SpeakerChange> hour mission <Speech_Male> in their suv. <Speech_Music_Female> They're still <Speech_Music_Female> in the car. Still <Speech_Female> 'electricity <Speech_Male> each taking <Speech_Male> turns to keep maggie's <Speech_Male> little ones alive <Speech_Male> while the <Speech_Male> other stayed <SpeakerChange> indoors <Speech_Female> with their own kids <Speech_Female> make sure <Speech_Female> the copy was breathing. <Speech_Female> Well and we'd help <Speech_Female> to try to warm <Speech_Female> up. <SpeakerChange> Mamo <Speech_Male> is leaking her and stuff. <Speech_Male> That <Speech_Male> advocate runs the hill <Speech_Male> country. Spca <Speech_Male> shelter where <Speech_Male> maggie. I landed <Speech_Male> now. She's <Speech_Male> even more moved <Speech_Male> by aubrey's compassion <Speech_Male> in the midst <Speech_Male> of the families <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> own crisis. <Speech_Male> We were just <Speech_Male> so proud of <Speech_Male> her and <Speech_Male> her family for <Speech_Male> going above <Speech_Male> and beyond <Speech_Music_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> the puppies <Speech_Male> seven strong <Speech_Male> some might even <Speech_Male> say lucky <Speech_Male> seven <Speech_Male> hour <SpeakerChange> the puppies <Speech_Male> in the mom doing <Speech_Female> their rallying <Speech_Female> barking <Speech_Female> starting to get a little <Speech_Female> playful with each other <Speech_Female> and so <Speech_Female> the next hurdle <Speech_Music_Female> will be fighting all <Speech_Music_Female> of them there. Forever <Speech_Female> homes in <Speech_Female> matching them <Speech_Female> with <SpeakerChange> their <Speech_Music_Female> perfect families. <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> Mama <Speech_Male> maggie <Speech_Male> her seven puppies. <Speech_Male> We'll stay with respect <Speech_Male> for a few <Speech_Male> more weeks to get stronger <Speech_Male> before heading <Speech_Male> back to the shelter <Speech_Male> and ready <Speech_Male> for adoption <Speech_Male> and a final <Speech_Male> note over gets a spring <Speech_Male> ahead for most <Speech_Male> of the country overnight. <Speech_Male> Daylight savings <Speech_Male> time kicks <Speech_Male> in pushing the clocks <Speech_Male> ahead by one <Speech_Male> hour. <Speech_Male> That's nbc nightly <Speech_Male> news. For this saturday. <Speech_Male> I'm jose diaz <Speech_Male> balart thank you for <Silence> the privilege <SpeakerChange> of your time <Speech_Music_Male> and good night.

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