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All the values of our country are being subverted atten. In we've been through listen. In sixty nine urged flu pandemic and his country. and. I'm at a higher death rate covid. Hundred thousand. Americans died only half of. And we all went to woodstock. Already. We we went to woodstock and it wasn't in the brass. is part of life. It's all about perception ultimately. This is being used as. Is Security Agenda? Which Taeb and Pushing for some many years. Isn't Alvidi dominant agenda, of course, is the biggest tool for flirts areas because. As you know. Gerbil said as Or gearing said or An number of you. How did you get the German people? To move like sheep do whatever you said and he said it's easy. To be a fascist got. In on Arc in democracy, it doesn't matter US fear. Is You people point to something is that each year that I'm the only one who can say? Anything you tell them to do. And so for many years, we've been pointing Communist. You gotTA behavior on because they're gonNA at you or whatever. Now they've got something is you know you're of this disease which gives them a power note tyrant in history. The conduct shut down the entire nation they played. I'll go to the beach on your girlfriend. It's crazy. and. You know it's not proportional. It is not proportional to the Frat and that's what I don't I like risk. Very Go. You know people actually are are fearful and things they ought of easier. Around, fearful of light in all the time. We're we're we're on our way we'll keep plugging away and. We enjoyed so much about having you on Robert is I, think it brings people together. We don't have all the agreements all the way down initially but for something like this, which is really really serious problem to build alliances, we need them because there's no one person to get up and say, this is what you're going to do. So I, want to express my deep appreciation and our program deep appreciation for you being with us today..

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