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Man. Look you just walked in our friend Michael Thompson, who's going to be doing the Laker game. With me tonight. I'm trusting with John. So I could not feels like to be a one percenter really gonna wear you're building a mansion in Orange County. You're going to be more of a one percents. You need the tie that matches the pockets and and the BAAs big boy wig. Yeah. Exactly. That. And then you're all say, oh, Oh, yeah. yeah. Oh, man, everybody. What's happening players? But you're going to wait a minute. You're going to do the Michael Thompson version. Oh, let's all Ireland. So you're gonna do the the up this players. Exactly, you're the one who coined the what's happening players on why you should go. As Michael's writing didn't solid Michael the great thing. When when I asked him what he was going to go as for Halloween says he's going to go as Rick Fox why? Because I wanna know what feels like to be the world's best looking man through the great. If you could dress up as Rick Fox, you have great success with women. But I am marriage. I gotta watch that. Yes. Yes. True. Michael. I'm not the least bit concerned about the Lakers predicted that they would go fifteen and four star eleven and four to start the pushing every panic button, I can see really pushing every panic button toward five it's seven games in your pushing panic buttons should be five. You should listen to Ireland Ireland said, it would be ten and ten you. You realize that the Lakers are scoring. One hundred twenty three points a game and giving up one hundred twenty two point three. They're they're the only going to do is figure out how to close. Well, that's true. Now, there's more than that. But can we afford to fall behind before eleven became an west still think down wire, you mmediately going to the foreign Levin because they're two and five you're milking optimism three four and eleven three and five tonight. We'll beat the Dallas up the Portland tough place to win. So he might be three and six coming home might go. That doesn't bother me. If there they were nineteen and twenty east year LeBron was in Clinton east Ireland, right, but he had Rian Kevin love. We don't have Rian Kevin that you can afford that luxury and east in the west you can't five wait a minute. The rockets are one in six because injuries. They'll turn it around because Paul's been out suspended hardens S three losses. Michael. Let me ask you something. So Monday night against Minnesota. Luke, Walton used twenty five different combinations of five guys. How do you?.

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