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Fifteenth is where it started Fargo to Amsterdam Amsterdam to stock longer where we got Sunday evening and then hopped on our boss early on Monday and off we were to see the sights why can't religious the call waking villages here actually working spell it for me would you don waking W. I. K. I. N. G. exactly yeah the oil museums watch the pulpit rock an awesome a very it was a great time just a block or two Harbison the all this bank if you ever come to Norway make sure you check out the credible all the spring hotel it's so on realtor Loftis Norway amazing place that's Norway's largest of fruit district then we were in I support we were to the old waking burial grounds yeah you heard those images of I can during Ross idea to to to as I mentioned all those bank which is the great fun as well and the the eye for nature center which is a really need to stop I we were in Boston stall Himes storms a lot of really amazing Victor church from twelve seventy seven that's there there's bunkers World War two there's water falls it's you know pretty extraordinary that's all I'm is a ton of World War two history it's really neither shoe factory down in the Orland we saw that Andrea all is well under L. I'm not saying exactly right and stop church in Norway near at all on the farm railroad is kind of fun the storm small I'm a hotel again though that night then back to Bergen afterall ferry ride in the western region immigration center and ate dinner with them Steiner Helen blackness were wonderful folks to come added to the US one small put on a great fish farm and traveling along the shore to emigrate time Bergen couple days there stayed at the the call the opus hotel the Edvard Grieg heritage hotel very nice but then a fish market there they've a trip a little cable car you can help take up to a it's like mount for way up the away up guide so that was up north to the Lofoten islands in the land of the midnight sun and Cup all along untenable and drum solo and the ignored cap which is actually the furthest near northern point in the world north the north Kappa is you're looking out over the in a region ocean which is basically the Atlantic Ocean the very tip tip tip it is that you can't get out it's not the end the world but you can see it from there got a deal and the hottest longest there so you you get the idea here Hammerfest Alta north Fulton back to trump's are back on a plane to Oslo and we sent to the majority of our crew back to the USA I yesterday morning is not affected and we came up for a visit to see some family members show up that's that's if if you know Norway you know that was one breathtaking tour like you can't believe unbelievable so anyway senator Kevin Kramer's gonna join us in this first hour today for the talk radio town hall we switch that around a little bit from Friday where he was at the Grand Forks Air Force base for a momentous event there and that we did get a chance to get him on the program the program one longer than they thought so we move that today's we're going to that in the first hour next Darlin Helms will be here and then we'll open the floor open for time to talk about whatever you like but it's been a it's been fun to be able to do the show of Norway bring it back a little bit of that of that trip which has been pretty phenomenal really an amazing time zone up lots of pictures on Facebook and check those all out and I have some comments next hour just about the Norwegian way of life there's definitely some things we could learn from a little bit of our heritage but we'll do that later in the program right now senator Kevin Kramer judges for your calls your questions your comments.

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